Enhancement: Class Duration – Auto-Calculate Setting

We’ve added a new setting for calculating class duration automatically. You can find this under Edit Settings.
When this is set to yes, Jackrabbit will auto-calculate the duration of the class time once you enter a class start and end time. If the duration doesn’t show up in a drop-down list, it will automatically be added and selected. This is a big time saver!
You’ll see this new auto-calculate in a few places: Class Summary tab, Weekly View, and Edit All Classes.
(This is defaulted as on as of today. If you’d like to turn it off, you can find the setting under Edit Settings.)
Note: This setting does not work retroactively. This means that if a class has an incorrect duration, any incorrect durations won’t automatically be fixed. You’ll need to change the class start or end time. If a class has an incorrect duration and that class is copied, the incorrect information will be copied into the new class. Take note of this going forward.
Questions? Let us know.

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