Ed Represents Jackrabbit’s Commitment to Education

At Jackrabbit, we have a strong commitment to continuing education. This includes internally for our staff, as well as for offering our customers ongoing education opportunities. To reinforce this message and to highlight our commitment to it, Jackrabbit is introducing a new bunny named Ed (after all, he is the Education Bunny)! You can tell that Ed is part of the Jackrabbit family because of his striking resemblance to his cousin, Zippy. You’ll be able to recognize Ed immediately in his stylish plaid suit!

Ed will appear on all of our training and education options including classroom training, webinars, and user conferences. We want you to get the most from your investment in Jackrabbit software and teaching best practices, tricks, and tips, and deeper dives into the software are our commitment to you.  So be sure that whenever you see Ed, you’ll know there’s a learning opportunity available!

For any questions on Jackrabbit’s training and education classes, please email gbingham@jackrabbittech.com.

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