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Does Gymnastics Enhance Reading? Yes!

You may or may not realize the tie between the success that your athlete has in his or her academics and the gym. Learning and perfecting gymnastics moves and routines is much more than physical. Your student develops such attributes as dedication, time management skills and organizational abilities through their reg
ular participation in an activity that they love.

Have you ever thought that there is another factor, perhaps far greater in its influence, that actually predisposes gymnasts to success in school and in particular – reading? This is exactly what Dr. Ralph R. Barrett is trying to prove – his belief that there is a direct path between gymnastics-type instruction and developing neurological pathways in students.

Dr. Barrett has more than twenty years of teaching and gymnastics coaching experience to support his article on how gymnastics enhances reading. His article provides actually reading test stats and research that add validity to Barrett’s title statement.

See his article on the USA Gymnastics website.

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