Continuous Jackrabbit Software Enhancements

Closed Dates Can Be Set from Tools Section

With the appropriate permission users can now set closed dates in the Tools section. There is a new user permission (in Tools) called Closed Dates.

  1. Existing userids: Permission checked for users with the Edit Settings permission checked, unchecked if their Edit Settings is unchecked
  2. New trials first userid: Permission is checked
  3. New userids created after the first userid: Permission is unchecked

When a user has the appropriate permission, they will see a new option in the Edit Setting’s left navigation for Closed Dates. Users can add a closed date that is a single date or a date range.


There are two places Closed Dates have an effect:

  1. Staff portal – Attendance can’t be added on closed dates
  2. Incomplete Portal Attendance Dashboard alert and Report – Closed dates aren’t included in the report

In the future, closed dates will affect tuition discounting and prorating.

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