Jackrabbit Allows Owner to Grow without Significantly Increasing Staff

Knox Music Studios   www.knoxmusicstudios.com 2 locations, 147 students, 4 teachers Owner, Matt Coker THE CHALLENGE Security and reliability had become a priority for Matt since he had experienced a hard drive crash. He also wanted to find a solution that would allow him to leverage processes and automation to help him organize and grow his […]

Jackrabbit Helps Organizations Use Technology to Their Advantage

Perception is everything. Well, almost – believes The Music Studio owner, Cecilia Rowe. How her parents perceive the learning experience they provide and the team that helps provide it is absolutely critical. CONSISTENCY AND AUTOMATION EXUDE PROFESSIONALISM | There is often angst for owners when putting automation in place, fearing that the personal aspect of […]

Jackrabbit Gives Owner Control Over Multiple Business Units and Simple View into Performance

Piano Central Studios www.pianocentral.net 3 studio locations, mobile to 5 daycare/preschools, 700+ students, 30+ teachers Owner and Kindermusik Educator, Theresa Case THE CHALLENGE Theresa has a private lesson practice and a Kindermusik program operating as one business. To look at her complete data, she must go through the time-consuming, error-laden process of tallying figures from […]

Jackrabbit Helps Owner Modernize and Streamline Processes for Staff and Parents

Purple Nest PurpleNest.com 4 in-church studios, w schools, in-home lessons, 927 students, 16 instructors, 2 administrators Owners, Molly Pieroni & Lisa Muratore THE CHALLENGE Molly and Lisa felt they were missing out on automated capabilities that other programs offered because they were using a privately developed system in operating their businesses. Although they were concerned with […]