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Biz Tips: An Incredible Resource To Help You Be More Productive In Your School

Half the problem with running a studio is that you’re juggling so many things at the same time.

You’ve got students coming in and looking to you for the most amazing lessons, creativity and innovation. Then you’ve got parents coming in and wanting your advice and guidance. You also have teachers who are looking to you for mentoring, guidance, and direction. All the while you’ve got to run a business, look after your financials, and administration.

You feel pulled in 16,000 directions and it’s hard to get anything done.

To counter this problem, I’ve created a ‘Productivity Planner’ for studio owners and it’s a free download.

Every week, you will use this planner to put out one of the most important strategic things you’re doing in your business.

This productivity planner is divided into four quadrants. These are the main categories of your studio that we need to keep juggling at all times:

  •         Attraction – How are we attracting new students through the door?
  •         Retention – How are we nurturing our community?
  •         Team – How are we connecting with our teachers?
  •         Systems – Administration and Financial

How can we streamline and automate your processes to save you time, as well as make sure that everything is running as a sleek and professional business?

So grab yourself a coffee or a tea, whatever you like, and literally put about 3 strategic items under each of those quadrants of what you want to do this week.

The important thing is that we need to keep juggling these four categories at all times.

If we neglect our team, it’s going to impact on retention.

If we neglect our attraction, we’re not going to have enough classes for our teachers to be filled.

If we’re not running our business and we’re not staying on top of the admin, we’re not going to be consistent in our marketing and we’re not going to get enough students through the door.

If any one of these categories falters, the studio is going to be impacted as a whole.

So that’s why it’s a really good idea to use this productivity planner for studios because it’s really going to keep you on track with working on the important things of the business not just the everyday clutter.

One of my favorite tips I can share with you is to DO THE IMPORTANT THINGS FIRST.

Don’t open up your email until you’ve finished writing up the newsletter for this month.

We need to do the things that are going to help grow the business and take the business further as opposed to getting lost in the day-to-day daily grind.

So this productivity planner for studio owners is what I call my ‘A.R.T.S. Quadrant’:

  •         ‘A’ for attraction
  •         ‘R’ for retention
  •         ‘T’ for team
  •         ‘S’ for systems.

The great thing about this A.R.T.S. Quadrant is it’s going to keep you working strategically for your business.

Click Here to Download the A.R.T.S. Quadrant now.  

Below are a few suggestions on what to include each week in your A.R.T.S. Quadrant…

  • Under ATTRACTION, you might say “This week, I’m going to set up a targeted ad Facebook campaign inviting preschoolers to come to our free workshop.”
  • Under RETENTION, you might say “Okay, I’m going to reach out to these five families who I feel at teetering on the edge of not coming back next year and connect with them to tell them how much we value them.”
  • Under TEAM, you ought to schedule a team retreat! Get everyone together to talk about the vision and direction of the studio and how it can really up-level the experience for our students.
  • Finally, we have SYSTEMS! Here, we can look at the applications and software you have running for the studio. What would it take to refine your systems and automate your business even further?

Of those four categories, within the A.R.T.S. Quadrant: attraction, retention, team, and systems, which one do you feel you might need to invest a little bit more attention towards?

Which one, if you focused on, would make a big difference to your studio as a whole?

Share with us in the comments below which of the four means the most to you.

Thank you so much for watching this video! If you’ve got a friend who is a studio owner, please feel free to share this video with them so that they can too download the A.R.T.S Quadrant Productivity Planner to make their life a whole lot simpler.

Thank you again for watching and I’ll see you next time!


By Chantelle Bruinsma Duffield, Studio Strategist at
If you’d like more ways to grow your studio, click here to sign up for “30 Enrollments in 30 days” – a FREE video training course for studio owners!

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