Attracting New Customers with Jackrabbit Class’s Promotional Tools

A swim teacher helps students learn to kick with the help of body boards

Customers are what keep your youth activity center running. But is simply “running” a business ever enough? Absolutely not! You must break into new horizons and acquire new resources to make your business more relevant and powerful.  This is where the need for attracting new customers comes in. New customers mean consistent growth. The more […]

Customer Retention Strategies: Building Loyalty Through Personalized Experiences

Gymnastics coach helps a boy keep his balance

When it comes to the youth activity space, it’s no secret that your business is likely operating in a competitive market, no matter where you’re located geographically. That’s why it’s so important to look beyond new registrations and see the bigger picture of long-term customer retention be successful. Maintaining a loyal customer base and maximizing […]

Foster Connections in Music Classes

Students play music together in a classroom

In education, fostering connections is crucial for creating an enriching and supportive environment for your students to learn in. This is especially true when it comes to music education. Music is one of the world’s universal languages. It has the unique ability to bring people together regardless of their culture or background and music education […]

Top Tips to Monitor Student Growth and Performance

A swim instructor takes attendance near the swimming pool

One of the most rewarding aspects of working in the youth activity industry is knowing that you’re making a difference in your students’ lives and helping them grow and develop. Whether you’re teaching gymnastics, swimming, cheer or beyond, monitoring a student’s progress is essential for ensuring that they are learning, growing and on track to […]

Professional Development Tips for Music Teachers

girl playing trumpet with teacher

When you think about the makings of a great music teacher, what qualities come to mind? You may picture a colleague or former mentor who went above and beyond and left a lasting impression on you, but what exactly sets them apart? Aside from loving music itself, the best music teachers possess many traits that […]

Navigating the World of Virtual Music Lessons in 2024

Music Teacher Instructs a Student During a Virtual Lesson

Over the past several years, music education has seen a sharp rise in the use of virtual lessons instead of traditional in-person methods. What saw its popularity skyrocket due to the COVID-19 pandemic has become a convenient standard for many music teachers and students all over the world in 2024. To some, beginning their child’s […]

How to Increase Productivity and Profitability in Your Business With Zapier

woman typing on computer with cup of coffee

If you had the opportunity to cut down on the amount of time you and your staff spend doing tasks every day, would you take it? With Jackrabbit’s Zapier Integration, you absolutely can and in our latest webinar, Business Automation Consultant, Oscar Di Pasquale shows you how! If you’re unfamiliar with Zapier and how it works […]

Building an Incentive Program to Promote Engagement and Long-Term Retention

two men shaking hands

At the heart of every good youth activity center is a staff that loves their jobs, but in a competitive job market, youth activity center owners face the challenge of not only hiring the right staff but also retaining them long-term. Luckily it’s a challenge you don’t have to take on alone! It can be […]

Spooky Activities to Plan for Your Music Students

young boy in pirate costume with microphone

It’s the time of year once again when the season begins to change its tune from the hot, dry Summer to the cool, crisp feeling of Fall! It’s the time when the spirit of Halloween takes hold, and with it comes the scary movies, candy and spooky activities we all know and love. As everyone […]

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