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All About Jackrabbit’s Costume Module

It’s that time of year again – costume season! Preparing for recitals can be very time consuming for you and your staff.  Using the costume management module in Jackrabbit can save you hours and keep the whole process more organized.

So, how exactly will the costume module save you time? Here are the three biggest ways:

1 Save Time In Sizing

Each student page has a tab labeled ‘sizes.’ Here, you can enter in the measurements for their waist, bust, hips, height, sleeve, chest, girth, inseam, and neck. You can even enter the t-shirt, pants, shoe, leotard, and other sizes to save. All of these measurements and sizes are instantly saved into your Jackrabbit database, eliminating all paper and chance of losing the measurements. Throw out the notebooks and pens pens and pick up a tablet, computer, or phone.

2 Save Time In Ordering

In the vendor section of the costume module, you can save information about your vendors to make ordering faster. Input the size chart, website, and other information about the vendor to have it ready to place an order. You can set these up in an off season so all you’ll need to add in the busy season are the students sizes.

The autosizing feature in the costume module is very powerful. Determined by the student’s girth measurement, Jackrabbit will match that size with the costume vendor’s size chart. Because there are so many different body types, autosizing with the girth measurement is not 100% accurate. We recommend that you make a note of the students who will need their costume size adjusted in their student page. Our customers have reported they only manually change 5% of the costume sizes before ordering. The autosizing works for the other 95%.

3 Save Time In Collecting Money

Just like posting tuition fees, you can post costume fees in Jackrabbit. The parents and guardians can check their balance in the parent portal and pay right there. You can accept deposits and early payments in Jackrabbit as well. This way, your money is all accounted for and the parent portal will show them what they have paid and what they haven’t.

The Module offers an integrated method of organizing costume orders, so they can be sent to selected vendors in a clear and concise format.  The Costume Management Module has:

  • the ability to set up and manage Vendors
  • the ability to set up and manage Vendor Size Charts
  • the ability to add costume(s) to classes
  • the ability to auto-assign sizes based on Vendor Size Charts using Student Girth measurements
  • the ability to manually assign sizes
  • the ability to create orders
  • the ability to print Vendor and Costume Reports
  • the ability to post costume fees to classes as deposits or in full

For more help and directions, visit the Help Center.How have you used the costume module? How much time has it saved you?

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