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A Safe Haven For Teens

As a gym owner, you have kids coming in and out of your gym of all ages. You have a very unique perspective on these kids’ lives. The culture of your business starts with the owner and staff. How you treat each other and the children can help or hurt your reputation quickly. While visiting customers, I’ve gotten the chance to see how much owners care about the students that come to their gym. It’s more about a business – they are passionate about what they do and the service they provide. And it shows.

This gym may mean more to your students than you realize. It could be the only place they really feel comfortable. Some families are broken and home doesn’t feel safe. If you can provide that space for a child to feel loved and happy, you’re helping shape their life to a brighter future.

Some parents have a huge presence in their child’s extracurricular activities – some do not. It’s important for you to see that as an owner or coach.  Take it one step further and start observing how you can relate to each student – how can you bring joy to the workplace? How can you be empathetic and caring to every person who walks through the doors?

One owner I talked to said it the best – she feels like her gym is a safe haven for kids who don’t get attention from their parents or don’t get positive reinforcement from them. She has a tremendous amount of compassion for these kids and they come to her as a “mamma bear.” She said that she does not always agree with what the students tell her, but she will always make them feel welcomed at her gym.

Her students have such a close relationship with her that they’ll run into her office during a class just to show off a new skill. The children are excited to show her that they are learning and improving – and of course, that they love her approval and support.

In today’s busy world, it’s hard to take a step back and be thankful for the small things. I did that while I was talking to her and she shared with me how compassionate she is for what she does and for every student that walks in her door. The area where her school is had a significant group of financially challenged families but she is committed to give them an opportunity to enjoy gymnastics and cheer and has a great scholarship program set up.

Have you seen your students react to you or a staff member like this? Do they strive to make you proud and show off their skills? We’d love to hear!


Image credit: Ann Larie Valentine

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