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Biz Tips: The One Question to Boost Enrollments

Want more enrollments? Ask this question in the first email to a student…

It is really frustrating when you get an inquiry from a new potential student and you write back to them with a whole lot of information; a whole lot of details, thinking they are going to come to your business but instead, you never hear from them again!

There is nothing more frustrating than a potential student dropping off the face of the earth…

It’s a really delicate thing we need to be able to manage in your business. If we can nail that first response back to that potential student, we’ve got a much better chance of getting them actually through the door.

When you first get that initial email from a potential student, often what many businesses do is respond back with a whole lot of detail about their business and the programs.

They might list their location, their timetables, different programs they offer, and maybe invite them in for a free trial.

However, when you write back to them with a whole lot of detail, it can be seen as too much information too soon.

Let me share with you the one question to ask in that first email to a potential student that is going to help you actually get them taking action and coming into your business.

Instead of emailing the potential student back with a whole load of information about your business, take a moment to build a relationship with this family.

Ask one or more questions such as, “Tell me a little bit about your child”, “What is their favorite song?” or “Have they ever done lessons like this before?” or “What are you looking for in a class?”

You’ll find that by keeping that first email short and sweet, people are much more likely to engage with you.

The more we get them to engage with us, the more they’re going to trust you, like you, and actually get into your business.

Look back over your inbox and think about how many people inquired over the last month but never actually came into your business. See if you can apply this strategy with them.

Just reach out to them! Send then a really short email to say

“Hi! It’s Chantelle here! I saw that you inquired a few weeks ago about our classes. I just want to reach out and ask a few questions. Have you found a studio? If you’ve got any questions, please feel free to reach out. I’d be happy to have a chat with you!”

Keep the message short, simple, approachable, open and friendly.

In fact, it’s a good idea for us to start tracking this in your studio every single month.

How many inquiries are you receiving on a monthly basis? And how many of those inquiries actually sign up for lessons?

If we can boost the number of sign ups from inquiries, that will absolutely fast-track your business’ growth wihout any extra effort. We’re just getting a whole lot more efficient.

This philosophy is based on putting the students in the spotlight. It’s not about us as the studio. What we do is all focused upon giving our students the best experience.

The more we highlight what’s in it for them, and how we can help them achieve their goals, the more they’re going to feel like we are the studio they want to go with. It’s such a little shift, but extremely powerful!

To make this super easy for you, I’ve written a whole bunch of suggested questions that you might like to swipe and use in your first email. I’ve put them all into one PDF document that you can download for free.

Click here to download my list of favorite questions to ask in the first email to an inquiry

Right now, go back and look at that first email that you sent to students after they inquired. Ask yourself, “Is that email putting the focus on your business? Or, is that email focusing on the student?”

In the comments below share with us: Is that email a Studio Spotlight email? Or is it a Student Spotlight email? Because it’s a very subtle shift, the more we put the spotlight on the student and help them to feel like we really care about what they’re looking for, the more we’re going to see your registrations grow and grow and grow!



By Chantelle Bruinsma Duffield, Studio Strategist at

If you’d like more ways to grow your studio, click here to sign up for “30 Enrollments in 30 days” – a FREE video training course for studio owners!

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