Everyday Task Timer

Is it time to start saving even more time by utilizing Jackrabbit’s Zapier integration?

We all know Jackrabbit Class is designed to save you precious time when it comes to managing your youth activity center, but with our latest partner integration with Zapier, it just became even easier to beat the clock and focus on the parts of managing your business that you love.

Zapier can be used to automate a variety of tasks you do every day, like:

If you want to discover just how much time you can save by utilizing Zapier, check out our Everyday Task Timer below.

Using the Everyday Task Timer is simple, just press “Start” when you’re ready to begin working on any or all of the tasks that you’re interested in automating with Zapier! Once started, the timer will continue even if you switch to a different tab or minimize the window. Need to take a break? Click “Pause” to keep your current time as-is and return to it later. Once you’re finally done with your work click the “Stop” button to see how much time you could have saved by using Zapier!


How long did it take you to complete your tasks? Wouldn’t you rather spend that time in other areas of your business?

If the answer is “Yes”, then it’s time to start utilizing Jackrabbit Class’s Zapier integration and optimize your time even further. Download our Get Happier With Zapier Checklist and get ready to get back to doing what you love the most.

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