Help & Guides

Help and Guides

A growing selection of in-depth, easy-to-use tools for learning about our features.

Our User Guides can be found in our online help system. Select the Contents tab to view all the User Guide choices available to you and a new browser window will open to provide you access. Search indexes help you find the exact information you are looking for by entering keywords or topics.

Getting Started Guide
Are you new to Jackrabbit? This online guide has everything you need to get started with set up and customization.

How-To Guide
Go beyond the basics with this online guide and learn the advanced features such as mass fee-posting, mass emailing, etc.

Online Integration Help
Connect Jackrabbit to your website with easy copy-and-paste HTML code. Discover which class listing style is the best fit for your website and real-life examples of registration pages that work from actual Jackrabbit customers.

Staff Portal and Time Clock Help
This quick-start guide covers how to set up and use our free Staff Portal Time Clock feature.

Store (Point-of-Sale) Help
This quick-start guide covers how to set-up and use our free Store (Point of Sale) feature. Print barcodes for your store – starting at 1000 and ending at 5000. Create your own barcodes in Excel. There are several steps to follow but will not have to be done again after you set it up.

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