Jumpstart Coach

Jackrabbit is dedicated to setting your database up for success. You will be assigned a Jumpstart Coach to walk you through the initial set up and answer any questions.

Jackrabbit Jumpstart Coach Program

It’s designed to help new users set up for success.  Transitioning to Jackrabbit is easier with your personal Jumpstart Coach.

We will help you with the initial set up of your database and make sure you start out on the right foot.

Your coach will be there to answer questions, advise you on next steps, and walk you through a complete ‘cycle’ from setting up, enrolling and posting fees to collecting money.

The Jackrabbit Jumpstart Coach Program Offers

Personal Jumpstart Coach

A phone call with your personal Jumpstart Coach to determine your specific needs.

 Step-By-Step Instructions

Personalized, step-by-step instructions on getting started.

 Detailed Guidance

Detailed guidance to set you up for billing success.

 ePayments Help

Information on setting up ePayments

 90 Day Money Back Guarantee

We believe in coaching, we believe in you, and we believe you will love Jackrabbit! After you have worked with one of our Jumpstart Coaches, if you decide during your first 90 days that Jackrabbit isn’t a good fit, just ask for a full refund.

After you go through the steps with your Jumpstart Coach, you will be well on your way to success! From that point, any of our experienced support team members will be happy to help you out. You can send questions directly to the support team any time by clicking the help button from within your database.

Schedule your Jumpstart Coach during your 30 day free trial
Remember, you can schedule all of this while you’re using you 30 day free trial subscription.  Our operators are available between 9am-6pm EST.

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