Pulling A Bunny Out Of Thin Air

At Jackrabbit, we know the challenges you face every day. That’s because our origin stems from exactly where you are right now – a class-based business. Jackrabbit co-founder and president Mark Mahoney was a gym owner himself. As a gymnast who competed from the time he was very young through college, he had a love for gymnastics and wanted to share it. Mark experienced the same challenges all gym and school owners do and looked for a solution. None existed. That’s when he and co-founder Mike Carper set out to invent class management software.

When Jackrabbit sprang to life almost 10 years ago, we were the first in the industry. Today, Jackrabbit serves over 11,000 schools in all 50 states and 20 countries. There are other choices for class management software, but we like to think we’re still the best. Since the beginning, Jackrabbit has always focused on our users, helped them grow their businesses, and listened to their input.

Jackrabbit has the largest support team in the industry. You can get help by phone or email and we take pride in our response time to our users.

All these years later, we still care. Guided by Mark’s insight and experience as a former gym owner, we transform schools and help them grow and flourish. This bunny appeared with a purpose, and it’s been magical ever since.