Jackrabbit vs. iClassPro

Jackrabbit’s Point-of-Sale

Make sales directly in Jackrabbit
• Track merchandise and monitor your revenue generated from selling uniforms, accessories, and any other items in your store.
• Speed up the checkout process by scanning the barcodes and using a secure credit card reader.
• Post fees to a current family’s account or take payment on the spot.

iClassPro has no point-of-sale

Manage inventory by hand
• All this information is manually entered or you’ll have to purchase a separate point-of-sale software.
• This means lost time and money either way.

Jackrabbit’s Mobile App Partnership

Custom app for your parents
• Mobile Inventor’s partnership with Jackrabbit allows parents to register for classes, access and make payments in their Customer Portal, receive push notifications and more through your custom app.
•Starting at $25 a month.

iClassPro has no mobile app

Mobile app integrations are not possible

Jackrabbit’s Event/Parties Module

No Cost – included in subscription fee

iClassPro’s Event/Parties Module

  $40 per location

Jackrabbit’s ePayment Options

You decide who you want to do business with
• Jackrabbit has two 3rd party ePayment partners for you to choose from – C&H Financial and SafeSave Payments.
• Having options keeps pricing competitive and gives you a choice of who you want to work with.

iClassPro’s ePayment Option

  Use only iPayPro

• If you would like to process payments, you will have to use their own provider.

Jackrabbit’s Uptime and Speed

Trust your software – access when you need it
• Jackrabbit is reliable. With a 99.99% uptime, you can count on the software to be there when you need it most.
• No downtime during peak business hours.
• Quick and responsive, no waiting on pages to load or reports to run.

iClassPro’s Uptime and Speed

  Slowdown during peak business hours.

• Slow loading speeds for pages and reports.

Customers who have converted from iClassPro

Industry Leader Endorsements for Jackrabbit

Frank Sahlein
Wings Center and 3rd Level Consulting

“The Wings Center has trusted Jackrabbit since 2005 to manage the business operations. Frank’s trust in Jackrabbit is very strong and also vital to the business because he asks his customers to trust him. Jackrabbit has been able to keep pace with them as they continue to grow and elevate the level of quality in their customer service.”

Randy Sikora
American Twisters Gymnastics

“Twisters’ speed and functionality issues with its previous class management system [iClassPro] had given owner Randy Sikora inspiration to look for something new. Making this switch was one of the best decisions he said he’s made for improving the way he manages and grows the business.”

Jeff Lulla
Fun and Fit Gymnastics

“Jeff shares the reason he is able to sleep at night and not worry about his business is because of Jackrabbit. The freedom this software has given him has changed his life from being in the gym all day to now being able to work from his home office and come into the gyms for meetings and check ups. Switching to an online software may be scary at first, but he assures you that it is the right move and he completely trusts Jackrabbit.”

Patti Komara
Patti’s All American and Tumblebear

“One thing Patti won’t do is run her business without Jackrabbit. After seeing the registration lines disappear and the online registrations coming in, she immediately saw the benefit of having this online software. Jackrabbit is continuously improving and helping her run the business more efficiently. Patti’s staff love the system and the managers use reports to compare numbers and manage their teams.”

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