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Customers love our software

Mitzi Perkins and Jeremy Limberger, Tumblebus Central Alabama

“Jackrabbit is awesome! It totally changed how we do our entire business! It has given us the ability to meet our clients and to grow our business – which was something we weren’t really capable of doing before using Jackrabbit software.”

Jeff Lulla, Fun and Fit Gymnastics

“We don’t worry about downtime or outages because they just don’t happen with Jackrabbit and we have support resources that we can depend on.”

Patti Komara, Patti’s All American

“The Time Clock feature has made exciting changes in our company! Our staff and I no longer need to manually split their time between departments.”

Randy Sikora, American Twisters Gymnastics

“Jackrabbit proved the value of its email-based support. They have it down to a science. Identifying the root of the problem allows them to effectively answer questions or diagnose and resolve most any issues we report.”

Scott and Rachel Davis, North Raleigh Gymnastics, ENeRGy Kids

“Being with Jackrabbit from its beginning stages has – in itself – been a benefit to us. We have seen the system mature and that gives us a very intimate understanding of its inner workings. Several components of the system have been business-changing for us along the way and that is how we know that the company keeps our best interest top-of-mind. They continuously seek out and provide ‘that next thing’ that we need to keep our business humming.”

Customer Success Stories

Joe Barron, Barron Gymnastics

“Changing to Jackrabbit has made a big difference in our efficiencies. Automated processes – like online registration – take staff out of the data entry process and give them more time for interacting on a personal level with families.”

Jennifer Hood, Jump Gymnastics

“Fact-based decision making is an easier and more efficient way to make choices about what classes to run and when to run them. The predictive capabilities that reports unleash for us are amazing because cash flow pressures are eliminated by knowledge.

Melissa Hawrylyshyn, East York Gymnastics

“Jackrabbit streamlined our registration processes to the point that we were able to improve some our other services. Our administrative staff responsibilities were adjusted to include help with our report carding services – which are very valuable to parents.”

Jon Aardema, Gymnastics Academy of Atlanta

“We’ve been excited to see the transformation that using Jackrabbit’s Skill Tracking has inspired at our gym.”

Lynn Smith, Everest Gymnastics

“Using Jackrabbit has enabled us to eliminate overtime and extra time that we had to pay people for and it helps us track payments better.”

Ben Fox, Bart Conner Gymnastics

“Jackrabbit’s Executive Dashboard gives me the information I need in one screen, providing a clear picture of where my focus should be every day. My ability to drill down from the Dashboard into details is a time-saver.”

Jackrabbit Benefits: Options Our Customers Love

Jackrabbit class management software offers excellent customer service, whether you’re just getting started or you’re a veteran who’s branching out to try new (or new-to-you) features. Not only do we offer help when you need it, but we’re also proactive about providing training in a variety of ways for customers with different preferences and learning styles. While we all have our favorites around here, we thought you’d prefer knowing which ones our current customers appreciate most.

YouTube Videos and Fast Responses

Anne Lewis from Live to Dance Academy Limited really appreciates the YouTube videos. “I come from a financial healthcare background, so I am fairly familiar with help desks, applications and module specialists,” she explains. In her experience, that makes her qualified to notice the fact that “the aftermarket customer service is outstanding with Jackrabbit.”

In addition to the training videos, Anne really appreciates the “super quick resolutions” she’s received after contacting the Jackrabbit team with questions. Here’s Anne’s advice to prospective new Jackrabbit customers: “If you’re looking for a software company for your business with dedicated after sales customer service, Jackrabbit is it!”

One of the newer options offered by the Jackrabbit help team is a personalized screen-sharing video regarding the topic in question. Michelle MacEachem from All Star Sport Centre says, “It is so helpful because it is specific to our needs. . . . We appreciate Jackrabbit’s personalized help!”

Dependability and Simplicity

Randy Sikora of American Twisters appreciates the fact that Jackrabbit software is so well-designed that he rarely has to contact customer service for help. “But when we do,” he happily reports, “getting the information we need is quick and easy. Jackrabbit has support down to a science!!” And he’s not alone in that experience.

Jeff Lulla from Fun & Fit Gymnastics Centers explains how Jackrabbit has increased his confidence in his business and its operations: “We don’t worry about downtime or outages because they just don’t happen with Jackrabbit. We have support resources that we can depend on.”

Two-way Communication

Jeff Rorebaugh from Camp Swamp recognizes that communication with the Jackrabbit team isn’t a one-sided deal. In his experience, “Jackrabbit really listens. They care about my point of view and are very willing to explore what I see as a user instead of shutting me down until my problem is solved. That makes me want to provide input and help make a better product.”

With the Facebook user group, customers are able to weigh in and help one another. While Harriett Giglio from The Courthouse Gymnastics Co. admits that it can be “really addictive,” she also appreciates that it has helped her learn a lot about how to more effectively utilize all that Jackrabbit has to offer. Harriett is able to explain why this option is so helpful: “Users helping users is a great concept. We understand what each other is going through and share many of the same experiences. Everyone is more than ready to help with advice and ideas to help solve a problem. The Jackrabbit staff members that monitor this group are beyond helpful.”

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Benefits of Online Registration for Your Gymnastics Center, Part 1

As important as it is to know how to implement online registration for your gymnastics center, realizing why it’s an important switch is also key. For one thing, change is hard — even if the new way will end up being easier. Because of that, most of us aren’t motivated to make — let alone are equipped to defend — such a significant change, unless we are convinced that it will be worthwhile.

One user, Jenn Buckton of Turning Pointe Academy of Dance, describes one perk: “Online registration makes the process a one and done event. Parents enter all information so completeness and accuracy of their information is in their hands — not in the hands of our staff.” As significant as accuracy is, the most significant advantage of online registration boils down to an all-too-limited resource for all of us: time.

Time Savings for Parents

With online registration, parents no longer have to carve out the time to stand in line at your gymnastics center in order to ensure that their children secure a spot in their next class. Instead, they can register online from any device in a matter of minutes — maybe even seconds. All they have to do is input contact and payment information, and then with a few clicks, they can select classes. Within minutes, they’ll receive an automated e-mail, confirming that they’re registered. In addition to keeping their schedules from becoming unnecessarily cluttered, parents will appreciate no longer experiencing the uncertainty and frustration they once experienced with in-person registration.

Convenience for Parents

For many parents, doing business from a smartphone or tablet has become typical, making them resist potential interaction with any company or organization that doesn’t offer online registration. While initially, online registration was an attractively “modern” option, today it’s actually becoming the norm. So while offering online registration may not set your gymnastics center apart from competitors in a positive way anymore, not offering it can definitely be a deterrent.

Time Savings for Staff

Without the piles of paperwork and data entry required with old school enrollment processes, online registration means data entry is completed by parents and updated in real time. With Jackrabbit Class management software, gymnastics center staff members can view online registration information as soon as parents enter it. And because parents can see how many openings are in each class, also in real time, they won’t have the potential frustration of finding out, days after they thought their child’s spot in a given class was secure, that it was already filled. That kind of scenario would have typically led to added work by staff members as they had to notify unhappy parents of such problems.

Of course, how much time you’ll save will depend on how much time you were spending on registration with your former process in place, but Kelly Gaines of Charlotte Aquatics actually tracked the amount of time her swim school saved: “During the registration process alone, Jackrabbit reduced the 144 hour effort that consumed three employees’ time by 50%.” She went on to say that “improvement in customer service and parental happiness during the registration process is phenomenal.”

Learn more about our Gymnastics Center Management Software. View the powerful features of Jackrabbit Class and try a customized live demo.

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Benefits of Online Registration for Your Gymnastics Center, Part 2

If you’re planning to switch over to online registration for your gymnastics center, it’s important to know how this change will benefit your gymnastics family — including parents and staff members as well as administration. We looked at a few key benefits in Part 1 above, and now we’ll take a look at a couple more benefits.

Less Paperwork for Everyone

In addition to the basic registration paperwork, your gymnastics center once had to print and distribute hard copy waivers — and then make sure to secure signatures from parents before filing those documents appropriately. All those annoying steps can easily be automated when you integrate them into the online registration process. With minimal effort from staff as well as parents, this necessary additional step can be easily completed with significantly fewer headaches.

Simplicity for Managers

From a management perspective, online registration transforms the once overwhelming number of tasks related to registration and transforms the process into a simple, straightforward process. Turning Pointe Dance Academy once had staff members working between 5 and 7 hours per day for 2 entire weeks to process registration information manually. Over a 4-week period, staff members also had to confirm registrations and manage wait lists while also keeping track of payments as they trickled in.

After implementing online registration with Jackrabbit, Turning Pointe reports that the entire process now takes their staff members only 2 hours. All that work they once did manually is completed automatically, with no gaps or need for follow-up. Now managers have 4 weeks to plan, communicate with staff, and catch their breath before new classes begin. What will your staff be able to accomplish when you have that extra time on your hands? We’re guessing that whatever you do, it will help add value to the services you offer at your gymnastics center.

Allowance for Unique Situations

From online events to teen permission slips, Jackrabbit’s online registration format can be used for unique circumstances. Offering potential for prorating and discounts, the flexible format can accommodate all kinds of individual situations which your gymnastics center encounters.

Additional Benefits

The reason that online registration is such a game changer is that it eliminates the need for your gymnastics center staff to be involved in the process. Not only does that free up your staff, but it also offers parents greater flexibility; it truly is a win-win. A few additional benefits we haven’t detailed include the following:

• Important information for parents when comparing their options
• Added professionalism and accessibility
• Greater transparency.

One thing is certain: once you’ve experienced these kinds of perks from online registration, you’ll never want to go back!

Learn more about our Gymnastics Center Management Software. View the powerful features of Jackrabbit Class and try a customized live demo.

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Jackrabbit Technologies surpasses 6,000 client milestone

We now have 6,000(+) clients, a major milestone that translates into more than 12,000 schools, in all 50 states and 28 countries.

Jackrabbit hits 6,000 Gymnastics, Dance, Swim, Music and Childcare Clients

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