Why Gymnastics Gyms Love Jackrabbit Class

See why gymnastics gyms choose Jackrabbit’s class management software to manage and grow their business.

Patti's All-American Gymnastics Jackrabbit Client Logo

Patti Komara, Patti’s All American

“The Time Clock feature has made exciting changes in our company! Our staff and I no longer need to manually split their time between departments.”

Twister Gymnastics Jackrabbit Client Logo

Randy Sikora, American Twisters Gymnastics

“Jackrabbit has it down to a science. Identifying the root of the problem allows them to effectively answer questions or diagnose and resolve most any issues we report.”

Energy Kidz Jackrabbit Client Logo

Scott and Rachel Davis, ENeRGy Kids

“Several components of Jackrabbit’s system have been business-changing and that is how we know they keep our best interest top-of-mind.”

Jackrabbit Class Customer Success Stories

Barron Gymnastics Jackrabbit Client Logo

Success Story

Joe Barron, Barron Gymnastics
“Changing to Jackrabbit has made a big difference in our efficiencies. Automated processes – like online registration – take staff out of the data entry process and give them more time for interacting on a personal level with families.”
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Jump Gymnastics Jackrabbit Client Logo

Success Story

Jennifer Hood, Jump Gymnastics
“Fact-based decision making is an easier and more efficient way to make choices about what classes to run and when to run them. The predictive capabilities that reports unleash for us are amazing because cash flow pressures are eliminated by knowledge.”
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East York Gymnastics Club Jackrabbit Client Logo

Success Story

Melissa Hawrylyshyn, East York Gymnastics
“Jackrabbit streamlined our registration processes to the point that we were able to improve some our other services. Our administrative staff responsibilities were adjusted to include help with our report carding services – which are very valuable to parents.”
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Gymnastics Academy of Atlanta Jackrabbit Client Logo

Success Story

Jon Aardema, Gymnastics Academy
“We’ve been excited to see the transformation that using Jackrabbit’s Skill Tracking has inspired at our gym.”
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Everest Gymnastics Jackrabbit Client Logo

Success Story

Lynn Smith, Everest Gymnastics
“Using Jackrabbit has enabled us to eliminate overtime and extra time that we had to pay people for and it helps us track payments better.”
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Bart Conner Gymnastics Academy Jackrabbit Client Logo

Success Story

Ben Fox, Bart Conner Gymnastics
“Jackrabbit’s Executive Dashboard provides a clear picture of where my focus should be every day and is a time-saver.”
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