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Jackrabbit cloud-based Martial Arts class management software helps you work smarter and have more time to grow your Dojo business.

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Jackrabbit Dojo is the #1 Martial Arts class management software when it comes to managing classes and attendees. The collection of tools available make managing classes easy and pain-free. Our integrated accounting software keeps your accounts up-to-date, automates your billing process and helps you keep track of your receivables. Having the right tools in place to effectively manage your classes can put you more in charge of your Dojo business, allowing you to focus on the things you love.

Dojo Management Software

As a Dojo management platform, Jackrabbit Dojo is truly World Class. The top Martial Arts programs in the world choose Jackrabbit as their Dojo management program of choice because of it’s feature-rich applications, user-submitted feedback and hundreds of enhancements each year. Our solutions is built to be customer-centric, giving you the right tools to effectively manage every aspect of your Martial Arts school.

Why Jackrabbit?

Our registration and management software if flexible enough for many different types of Martial Arts schools. Read a few of our case studies to see how others have utilized our software to more effectively run their businesses. Their are no setup fees. No tuition collection fees. No installation fees. Just a low monthly fee. It is 100% web based, so you can operate it from anywhere. What are you waiting for? Give Jackrabbit a free test drive!

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Online Registration—parents love it!

Streamline your Dojo’s operations by eliminating paperwork and give your customers the convenience they crave
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Attendance Tracking

Your virtual clipboard for keeping up with Martial Arts students to quickly see their attendance history.
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Skills Tracking

Monitor and record Dojo students’ skills, progress, achievements and notes in one place.
Organize your students skills online

Speedy and Reliable—streamline your Martial Arts business operations now

View from a high level how your Martial Arts program is performing. Jackrabbit categorizes and organizes your business statistics.
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How Jackrabbit Can Help Your Martial Arts Studio Get Organized This Year

Your dojo reflects your passion for martial arts; we’re guessing that’s why you started it. But it’s also a business, one that requires tools to run efficiently. To achieve that aim, there’s probably an assortment of computer programs and online tools you use to make things happen. Do you ever feel like your methods include a little madness, though? Like you wish you had everything in one place, using a single platform? Many of the martial arts studios that utilize Online Jackrabbit Class Management Software appreciate benefits like better time management, more streamlined communication, and an upturn in their profit margin. By automating many administrative tasks, Jackrabbit allows you to better organize the business side of your dojo.

Getting Organized with E-Mail and Text Alerts

Imagine: no more relying on individual texts or updating groups for e-mail and text notifications, individually. Jackrabbit lets you import lists from Excel and easily select recipients of notifications, based on the criteria you choose. From only “active” students to only families with students in a certain classification or attending a particular competition, you can quickly and easily make sure you’re only contacting those for whom the announcement is relevant — without missing anyone who needs to be informed of it. From cancellations to registration due dates, new accomplishments to delinquent accounts, Jackrabbit allows you to not only communicate professionally with your martial arts family but also track communications in an easy-to-use platform.

Getting Organized with Class & Accounting Details

Jackrabbit gives you easy access to running reports about all kinds of details relating to your martial arts business. You can select those students at certain martial arts levels or particular families, allowing you to see specific information pertaining to enrollment, attendance, tuition payment, and more. You can also structure reports to allow you to tell which marketing methods have been most successful as well as to perform functions ranging from searches for contact information, projected tuition totals, or class size to printing mailing labels and class lists.

Because Jackrabbit can be integrated with your dojo’s existing accounting software, you can also track daily revenues according to various criteria. You can also send totals to and reconcile reports with Quickbooks.

Getting Organized with Reports

Whether you want to evaluate your martial arts business’s current revenue situation or plan ahead for next year’s classes, Jackrabbit allows you to generate helpful reports that reflect the details you need in order to make important decisions for your business’s future. When you log into your account, your “dashboard” will reflect current classes and revenue along with alerts for upcoming events and issues which you may want to address. In addition, you will be able to see aged accounts or outstanding balances upon logging in. Jackrabbit also allows you to view updated dynamic calendars in daily, weekly, or monthly formats.

To find out more, talk with a Jackrabbit Product Coach. To truly appreciate the many ways Jackrabbit can help your dojo experience a greater degree of organization and professionalism, we invite you to sign up for a free 30-day trial.

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