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Stephanie Sutch, East Coast Cheerleading Academy

“I needed something to allow me to manage many elements and lots of data. Jackrabbit has great intuitiveness for what I need to understand about my business and to base my decisions on.”

Kyle Grussmeyer, All Star Legacy

“Jackrabbit‘s portal and online registration allow parents to control their own information-that’s a real differentiator.”

J.R. & Kelly Zeringue, Ace Cheer Company

“Using Jackrabbit has allowed us to take our business to the next level. We can track exactly what is going on in each of our locations. The cost of the service is priceless compared to the value we receive.”

Lauren Peetz, Victory Cheerleading

“Transitioning to Jackrabbit was the single best decision we’ve made for our business in a long time. It has helped us streamline. It has saved us time and saved us money.”

Tara Mansfield, Cheer Force One – Mobile

“Jackrabbit has made our ability to share information between our two locations a lot easier. We love the parent portal and options for payments. We also like to compete between locations so being able to see the numbers for each location is really convenient.”

Customer Success Stories

Glenn Sutch, East Coast Nitros

“I needed something to allow me to manage many elements and lots of data. Jackrabbit has great intuitiveness for what I need to understand about my business and to base my decisions on.”

JR Zeringue, ACE All Stars of Gadsden

“Jackrabbit’s automated payment and online registration features have probably been the biggest game changers for us. These features totally take time-consuming processes out of our hair and make them available to parents 24/7.”

Kyle Grussmeyer, All Star Legacy

“Jackrabbit’s portal and online registration allow parents to control their own information because we give them the tools to manage their accounts at the best time and from the best place for them. That is a real differentiator.”

Lauren Peetz, Victory! Cheerleading

“Having an automated way to collect payment is a great time-saver. So many small things add up – like multiple trips to the bank per month or even week – that it makes a significant impact to the way your work days flow.”

How Jackrabbit Software Can Help You Manage Your Cheer Gym Staff

As much as you love your cheer school students and instructors as well as the inspiration which your cheer gym offers them, staff management isn’t your favorite part of the deal. Not only does it take far more of your valuable time and energy that you’d rather spend on other tasks, but it can also be quite tedious. The good news is that with Jackrabbit online class management tools, you can easily automate many of your staff-management tasks, making it easier for your staff and for you. As an added bonus, your cheer gym parents will benefit from your gym’s increased organization and communication, and your enhanced professionalism will be bound to attract even more families! Stay tuned to find out how it works.

Schedule Creation

Have you ever sat down to create a new schedule for your cheer gym, only to sort through several e-mails, text messages, and Post-It notes to accommodate the scheduling preferences of all of your staff members? It’s time to kiss those days good-bye! Jackrabbit software allows staff members to quickly and easily submit schedule requests, which you can view in a single place. You’ll be able to easily view availability of all staff members in a single view as you create your new class schedule. You’ll also be able to easily view classes which each instructor has taught in the past, along with enrollment history and revenue information, giving you all the details necessary to create a workable and profitable plan for the upcoming year.

Staff Accessibility

All cheer gym staff members will appreciate the ability to view schedules, registrations, and other information that pertains to them, according to the access which you grant each one. They’ll also be able to communicate with parents of their students in a way that you can view. This kind of transparency and accountability can help reduce chances of miscommunications or other problems. Staff members can also track student progress and selectively inform parents of certain setbacks or milestones.

Payroll Processing

Did you know that manual time tracking errors account for up to 7% of payroll costs? With the time clock tool included with Jackrabbit along with payroll software integration, you can reduce the margin for error and — as a result — your payroll costs. Of course, by automating payroll processing, you’re also eliminating one more task and freeing up your time for other activities at your cheer gym that are more in line with your talents and passions.

Staff Communications

With Jackrabbit software, you’ll no longer have to remind your cheer gym staff members to check the bulletin board for announcements or send out separate text messages or e-mail reminders! Instead, you can easily send out alerts to individual staff members, select individuals, or all personnel — and track all communications easily and efficiently.

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