Clients love our software

Stephanie Sutch, East Coast Cheerleading Academy

“I needed something to allow me to manage many elements and lots of data. Jackrabbit has great intuitiveness for what I need to understand about my business and to base my decisions on.”

Kyle Grussmeyer, All Star Legacy

“Jackrabbit‘s portal and online registration allow parents to control their own information-that’s a real differentiator.”

J.R. & Kelly Zeringue, Ace Cheer Company

“Using Jackrabbit has allowed us to take our business to the next level. We can track exactly what is going on in each of our locations. The cost of the service is priceless compared to the value we receive.”

Lauren Peetz, Victory Cheerleading

“Transitioning to Jackrabbit was the single best decision we’ve made for our business in a long time. It has helped us streamline. It has saved us time and saved us money.”

Tara Mansfield, Cheer Force One – Mobile

“Jackrabbit has made our ability to share information between our two locations a lot easier. We love the parent portal and options for payments. We also like to compete between locations so being able to see the numbers for each location is really convenient.”

Customer Success Stories

Glenn Sutch, East Coast Nitros

“I needed something to allow me to manage many elements and lots of data. Jackrabbit has great intuitiveness for what I need to understand about my business and to base my decisions on.”

JR Zeringue, ACE All Stars of Gadsden

“Jackrabbit’s automated payment and online registration features have probably been the biggest game changers for us. These features totally take time-consuming processes out of our hair and make them available to parents 24/7.”

Kyle Grussmeyer, All Star Legacy

“Jackrabbit’s portal and online registration allow parents to control their own information because we give them the tools to manage their accounts at the best time and from the best place for them. That is a real differentiator.”

Lauren Peetz, Victory! Cheerleading

“Having an automated way to collect payment is a great time-saver. So many small things add up – like multiple trips to the bank per month or even week – that it makes a significant impact to the way your work days flow.”

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How Jackrabbit Software Can Help You Manage Your Cheer Gym Staff

As much as you love your cheer school students and instructors as well as the inspiration which your cheerleading gym offers them, staff management isn’t your favorite part of the deal. Not only does it take far more of your valuable time and energy that you’d rather spend on other tasks, but it can also be quite tedious. The good news is that with Jackrabbit online class management tools, you can easily automate many of your staff-management tasks, making it easier for your staff and for you. As an added bonus, your cheer gym parents will benefit from your gym’s increased organization and communication, and your enhanced professionalism will be bound to attract even more families! Stay tuned to find out how it works.

Schedule Creation

Have you ever sat down to create a new schedule for your cheer gym, only to sort through several e-mails, text messages, and Post-It notes to accommodate the scheduling preferences of all of your staff members? It’s time to kiss those days good-bye! Jackrabbit software allows staff members to quickly and easily submit schedule requests, which you can view in a single place. You’ll be able to easily view availability of all staff members in a single view as you create your new class schedule. You’ll also be able to easily view classes which each instructor has taught in the past, along with enrollment history and revenue information, giving you all the details necessary to create a workable and profitable plan for the upcoming year.

Staff Accessibility

All cheer gym staff members will appreciate the ability to view schedules, registrations, and other information that pertains to them, according to the access which you grant each one. They’ll also be able to communicate with parents of their students in a way that you can view. This kind of transparency and accountability can help reduce chances of miscommunications or other problems. Staff members can also track student progress and selectively inform parents of certain setbacks or milestones.

Payroll Processing

Did you know that manual time tracking errors account for up to 7% of payroll costs? With the time clock tool included with Jackrabbit along with payroll software integration, you can reduce the margin for error and — as a result — your payroll costs. Of course, by automating payroll processing, you’re also eliminating one more task and freeing up your time for other activities at your cheer gym that are more in line with your talents and passions.

Staff Communications

With Jackrabbit software, you’ll no longer have to remind your cheer gym staff members to check the bulletin board for announcements or send out separate text messages or e-mail reminders! Instead, you can easily send out alerts to individual staff members, select individuals, or all personnel — and track all communications easily and efficiently.

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How To Increase Cheer Gym Revenue, Part 1

You probably already know about the basic benefits which Jackrabbit Class software can offer your cheerleading gym. Along with greater organization and productivity, though, you may not realize how significantly Jackrabbit can help you improve your bottom line. With a strategic combination of automating administrative tasks and establishing new policies, your cheer gym can join a growing number of gyms, schools, and organizations that are seeing precisely the kind of expansion which you desire. A place we often recommend that our customers start, when it comes to revenue-building improvements, is their policies.

Don’t Merely Offer Online Registration & Payment Options

Your cheer gym policies can be what’s holding you back from the growth and increased revenue you desire. And registration and payment formats are biggies. Perhaps you’ve begun to offer the option of online registration or see Jackrabbit software as a way to provide an added benefit to those in your cheer gym family who prefer it to the labor-intense, old school process. Can we encourage you to re-think that? Instead of simply offering online registration as an optional alternative to in-person registration, we highly recommend that you make it the sole registration method.

While you’re at it, you should just go ahead and make the leap to requiring online payments too. Not only will your cheer gym be receiving the full benefits of the secure Jackrabbit platform along with that of our payment processing partners, but you’ll also eliminate much of the margin for human error as well as the added overhead expenses associated with data entry and manual payment processing. Not only will most parents appreciate the convenience and flexibility of online registration and payment processing, but so will your staff who will now be able to receive live updates about their classes and students.

Don’t Just Allow Automatic Payments

In addition to switching over to fully online registration and payment processing, Jackrabbit customers typically see enhanced benefits from completely switching over to automated payments. Again, we recommend you don’t simply allow for them; instead, require them. Otherwise, the overhead expenses and missing revenue associated with bounced checks, late payments, and delinquent accounts can really add up!

You’ll be able to eliminate the added expenses associated with those issues by utilizing the Jackrabbit auto-pay system. By tying automatic payment enrollment to your registration process, you simplify payments for busy parents as well as your staff. No reminders or added actions are required in order to keep an account current. In addition to requiring automatic payments, we highly recommend that you require a written notice at least 30 days in advance of a withdrawal.

When you no longer allow for manual registration and a variety of payment methods, a few students may drop out, and we’re certainly not promising that that won’t happen. However, Jackrabbit has seen countless cheer gyms and other organizations take their revenue to a whole new level by implementing these and other policy changes. Ready to hear about a few more? Check out our next post below.

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How To Increase Cheer Gym Revenue, Part 2

Here at Jackrabbit, we realize that your specialty is coming up with the ideas, skilled instructors, and overall vision for your cheerleading gym. The unfortunate part about running your cheer gym is managing the myriad administrative duties that come with having your own business. And that’s where we can help! While the software itself is certainly powerful, its ability to help your cheer gym increase revenue grows exponentially when you create policies that allow you to maximize the software’s functionality. In Part 1 above we explained the importance of requiring online registration and automatic payments. With those policies already in place, you’ll be poised for the even more significant, revenue-growing policies which we recommend here.

Forget About Free Classes

Many cheer gyms use a “free trial” concept to lure new customers and students. If you think about it, that kind of setup is a bit of a bait-and-switch situation anyway. The goal is clearly to attract new students to your cheer gym and transition them into becoming paid customers. Whether or not you agree that such a setup can be misleading, you should be aware that, unfortunately, it often backfires. Why? You’re asking people to do one more thing: change what they’re doing. And in case you haven’t noticed, most people dislike taking extra steps. So the goal should be to make becoming a long-term student easy. How do we suggest you do this? Offer a money-back guarantee. We get it: this kind of setup seems far more risky than simply offering a free class. But hang with us for a minute.

The situation that you’ll perpetuate will serve your cheer gym well. Whenever someone registers for a class at your cheer gym, that person will also set up automated payments. As long as they appreciate what they’re experiencing, they get to do precisely what’s easiest: nothing. Instead of having to exert extra effort and a change (a difficult pill to swallow for most people), they simply continue as they have been.

Make Enrollment Continuous

We know, we know: we’re really asking you to go against the grain of what’s “normal” here. Change is always hard. But increasing your revenue is a change — and in order to produce that kind of change, you need to make some other changes. Consider the “do nothing” principle explained in the previous section; you want to make it easy for people to do what you want them to do. So instead of hoping they come back each fall, why not go to a continuous enrollment format?

Discontinuing the practice of taking extended breaks between cheer gym sessions offers the potential of greatly increasing your revenue. First, you’ll be able to retain a greater number of students from year to year. Second, you’ll actually have revenue on a year-round basis. Not everyone will want to continue taking classes on a year-round basis, and that’s okay. We’ll take a look at a policy that you can combine with this one to serve those families.

Learn more about our Cheer Gym Program Management Software. View the powerful features of Jackrabbit Class and try a customized live demo.

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How To Increase Cheer Gym Revenue, Part 3

Jackrabbit Class software can help automate the kinds of tasks that tend to bog down visionary leaders like you, allowing you to focus on the aspects of your cheerleading gym that drew you to start your gym in the first place! The experts at Jackrabbit Class software have helped countless cheer gyms and other organizations to achieve a greater level of organization and productivity. But we definitely don’t stop there: we also help our customers increase their revenue. By utilizing Jackrabbit tools and creating policies conducive to maximizing the benefits of those tools, some customers have seen up to a 50% increase in revenue. For starters, we suggest requiring online registrations and automatic payments. The next step is to replace a free-class option with a money-back guarantee. What’s next? Keep reading, and we’ll let ya know!

Don’t Accommodate Freeloaders

If you want to raffle off a free year of cheer gym classes, go for it! If you want to create a scholarship program for those without the means of paying for your cheer gym to benefit from your expertise, we’ll cheer you on! And if you want to donate half your income to a charitable cause about which you’re passionate, we won’t hold you back. (In fact, we’ve been known to support our customers in their community service efforts.) But in your charitable giving or any giveaways you decide to offer, we highly recommend that you make sure they’re initiated by your cheer gym.

Unwittingly, many cheer gyms give away plenty of free classes by allowing for late payments and delinquent accounts. How can you avoid that? Requiring automatic payments, as we’ve already suggested, will be a significant step. In conjunction with that policy, we highly recommend implementing a no-pay, no-cheer policy. If you think about it, that’s essentially how any other business is run. You can’t eat at a restaurant and then tell them you’ll pay when you can or leave a grocery store with food you promise to pay for next week. When you no longer allow for the possibility of outstanding accounts, your cheer gym revenue will increase.

Offer Temporary Freezes

We’ve explained the benefits of moving toward continuous enrollment, but we also know the reality: some of your students will want to take the summer off. And injuries and illnesses do come up. Instead of making a withdrawal the only option, we’ve created a form that’s essentially a combination form that makes withdrawal and re-enrollment possible in a single step. Referred to as “freezing” an account, this option can allow a cheer gym student to retain his or her spot in any class for 4-8 weeks. After the timeframe that person selects, automatic tuition payments will continue as usual.

Learn more about our Cheer Gym Program Management Software. View the powerful features of Jackrabbit Class and try a customized live demo.

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How To Increase Cheer Gym Revenue, Part 4

Putting policies in place that will help your cheerleading gym increase revenue won’t be easy. There, we said it. Change is always hard. And there’s no guarantee you won’t lose a few students along the way. But growth is good. And growth is, at its root, a type of change. Just like your cheer gym students will need a growth mentality in order to succeed, your cheer gym will need to adopt the same kind of forward thinking in order to flourish. In addition to the policies we recommended above in Parts 1, 2, and 3, we have a few more for you to consider.

Embrace Value-Based Pricing

We all realize that value doesn’t always equate to buying the least expensive item out there. When it comes to cheer gyms, are you more concerned with offering your students the least expensive extracurricular option or valuable instruction? Our guess is that you’d say the latter was your goal. But your pricing may not communicate that — or be conducive to it.

If you haven’t already, you really need to adopt a value-based pricing model. By doing so, you’ll be able to afford quality staff as well as proactively address facility maintenance and renovation needs. In turn, you’ll continue to attract precisely the kinds of clientele you value. For starters, plan to increase prices by at least 3% per year. That might not sound significant, but when you consider the amount of revenue that will mean overall, over the next 5 years, you might be surprised. And even better, you’ll get to dream again!

Invest in the Best Instructors

Perhaps even more significant than your facility, website, or leadership is the environment and expertise of your staff members. Not only is cheer gym experience important, but character counts as well. As a rule of thumb, if you don’t like to be around a person, don’t hire him or her as part of your staff! Quality instructors and support staff members will help your cheer gym attract and retain serious students. In order to help motivate and encourage staff members, we highly recommend conducting annual reviews of all team members.

Celebrate Successes Together

Once you’ve adopted a value-based pricing model and assembled a fabulous cheer gym staff, you can expect success! And when it comes, you want your staff to benefit from it too. Not only can the idea of “sharing the wealth” help motivate staff to do their best, but performance-based compensation will lead to team-oriented morale. In order to help staff members track progress, Jackrabbit Class software offers easy tracking of Key Performance Indicators (or KPIs) for you and your staff to consider.

Learn more about our Cheer Gym Program Management Software. View the powerful features of Jackrabbit Class and try a customized live demo.

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