Give Your Gymnasts a Bag List of What They Should Bring to Practice

You can help your gymnasts in lots of ways. An important way you can help them is to do something really simple to help them to feel comfortable at practice. Regardless of their skills or capabilities, all gymnasts can reach a certain level of comfort if they have everything they need to do their workouts. Being comfortable at practice, helps gymnasts to do their best. They can relax and have confidence in learning. They can concentrate on their skills instead of what items they’re missing. So something as simple as a bag list can come in handy and can help your gymnasts be comfortable in a couple of ways: 1 – They will simply have everything they need to work […]

Impact of a Smile

Turn that frown upside down – really. There is a song that was sung by the late, great Louis Armstrong entitled “When You’re Smiling the Whole World Smiles with You.” Apparently, the sentiment expressed in this classic is true. A study conducted at the Yale School of Management in 1999 showed that, among working groups, cheerfulness and warmth spread more easily than darker emotions. Irritability caught on with less success than the positive emotions, and depression, fortunately – has the lowest success rate of all. Laughter is the most contagious of our emotions which is really not surprising. You can prove it in your own small test group by simply starting to giggle to yourself. Soon the rest of those […]

Skin and Hair Dryness from Swimming? Protect Yourself Even in the Winter

Skin and hair can present challenges for everyone in the winter, but especially for swimmers. It is important to treat skin and hair conditions so that swimming can be enjoyed without the bother of itching and irritation. The answers to these basic questions can help your swimmers keep their skin and hair healthy. Why do swimmers get dry skin and hair? Swimming is the most challenging sport for the skin and hair. Skin has a protective layer of fats that lubricate the skin and make it semi-waterproof. Sebaceous glands are microscopic exocrine glands in the skin secrete this oily or waxy matter called sebum*. (Sebaceous glands are often found in hair follicles.) These fats or lipids are highly developed in […]

Clever Way To Capture Waivers Online For Birthday Parties

Setting up Events in Jackrabbit to organize your birthday parties is a powerful tool. With the Events module, you can capture the family’s information, payment, party details and information about those attending each birthday party all in one place. If you haven’t used Events for birthday parties before, click here for more information. But wait, there’s more! You can also use this to capture waivers before families come to the birthday party! No more chasing parents around for signatures during party time! Ohio Sports Academy has organized their upcoming birthday parties on a special page on their website. Parents of children attending the birthday party come here before the party to register their children and sign the waiver online.   […]

Goal-Dominate vs. Child-Centered: Two Different Methods of Teaching Swimming

The teaching strategy that your school uses can greatly affect a child’s growth and behavior. There are two main types of teaching methods – each distinct in its ways of cultivating a child’s swimming skills. There is a goal-dominate strategy and a child-centered one. Great care should be taken in determining which method is best for your child’s growth and outlook towards water in general. Goal-Dominate A goal-dominate swimming program emphasizes speed in learning to swim, quickly moving from one skill to the next. Often the fear is what drives the child to achieve desired skills. If you look at it from the child’s perspective, a goal-oriented program paints the water as an enemy. This aggressive method seems harsh to […]

A Gym Owner’s Perspective on the Olympics

Denise Dalton, co-owns Gymnastics Nevada with her husband, Tim. Denise has a truly unique perspective on the Olympics since her son, Jake Dalton, is – well – you know who he is. We thought that you would be interested in how she leverages the Olympics at Gymnastics Nevada. Watch as much of the Olympics as possible! We encourage parents to watch as much of the Olympics as possible with their children. Make a “watching party” around particular favorite events. Choose specific Olympians in favorite events to learn more about. The excitement of learning more about Olympians helps kids get excited to want to try other things. Even after the Olympics, share clips as often as you can. Have a tv […]

Take Control of Your Time

I saw some interesting information on EntreLeadership’s site. It was a piece entitled “5 Ways to Take Control of Your Day” from June of this year. The piece talked about a totally made-up disease called distractinonia and we could all be suffering from it. Distractinonia – the piece notes – is not about those who spend hours watching cat videos, playing Halo or Tweeting about lunch. Those who do this are worse than distracted, if you ask me. I think they’re off in la-la land somewhere and aren’t being very “intentional” about their workday. And in today’s world, I think you really do have to be totally intentional about what you’re there for when you’re in front of your computer […]

Goal Setting Story

Deanna Lewis has a great idea to share. It was her first year teaching full time and wanted to do something different and impactful for her students. Each of her students wrote a personal goal at the beginning of every month for each of their classes. She found they were really attentive and driven because it was a goal they set out for, rather than you telling them to get better. At the end of the year she tied all their goals together and wrote notes back to them telling them great job working towards their goals, I’m so proud, and good luck at competition. They were all so appreciative and want to continue with this for next year! The cards are note […]

When A Child Seems Behind Pace in Learning to Swim

Parents often ask “Is my child learning to swim quickly enough?” Perhaps this is a worry of the typical swim parent because their expectations have never been set in regards to “how long” it should take. There are lots of popular theories. For example, some suggest that learning how to swim requires at least 10,000 correct repetitions or 10,000 strokes in the pool. Some will estimate that most 3-5 year old learn how to swim in 20-30 lessons and that most 6-9 year olds take 8 to 20 lessons. But the truth is that there are just too many factors that influence the pace of learning to make an accurate prediction that fits each and every child. There is no […]

How To Capitalize On The Olympic Year

The Olympic games are right around the corner! As the excitement is building around the world, think about what you can do for your business to capitalize on the hype.  Historically, the Olympic games will help create a bump in enrollment for your business – but are you doing enough to capitalize on it? We’ve compiled a list of ideas to spark your brainstorming. What else are you doing? Share with us in the comments below. Big Themes from Jeff Lulla: Make the connection between the Olympic Games and our elite gymnastics stars and your gymnastics programs. While parents and children are focused on the sport of gymnastics, market the benefits of gymnastics participation and offerings of your club. Gymnastics […]