Jackrabbit Helps East York Gymnastics Club Offer More Services That Please Clients

Melissa Hawrylyshyn of East York Gymnastics has poked and prodded, tried and tested Jackrabbit software for several years. Her experience has helped her become a software super-user and a software champion. Melissa is – by far – her organization’s most active user and has experience with more features and functions in Jackrabbit than anyone else there. She is so well-versed in Jackrabbit that she is her organization’s trainer. “I love Jackrabbit but I will admit that I don’t know everything the software can do. Jackrabbit is an in-depth program which is always a delightful surprise when I introduce the program to our new users. The software does everything that we need it to do but yet I’m still learning new […]

Reports Gives Jump Gymnastics the Operational Metrics to Pursue Excellence

Sara is Jump Gymnastics’ Jackrabbit super user. She’s well-versed in Excel all of its magic as she is a financial and accounting specialist. We talked to Sara recently and learned a lot about what reports she uses and why. Sara doesn’t simply pull and read reports. She uses pivot tables in Excel to get the most from the data in the reports. She can compile, compare and track data in many ways that help decision making across the business. Enrollment Detail Report From this report, Sara can learn a lot about what is going on in enrollment, retention, cash flow, class popularity and profitability, session and class break even points, life cycle of customers, and alue of each customer. This […]

Mobile Inventor’s Impeccable Professionalism Earned Gymfinity’s Respect

J Orkowski of Gymfinity talks about working with Mobile Inventor. If anyone understands the value of having a mobile app, it must be J. He went through quite a lot to develop not one, but two of them. J’s Mobile App History J had developed an app that was working well. He had marketed it and had an impressive percentage of his gym’s parents using it. Then came the call. His mobile app company was dissolving and wouldn’t support the app anymore. That meant that his happy parents would no longer be able to use to the app from their smartphones. J called Mobile Inventor and has never looked back. Mobile Inventor did something that totally took J by surprise […]

Mobile App Gives Barron Gymnastics Competitive Advantage and the Stats to Prove It

Scott Barron of Barron Gymnastics expresses his delight with Mobile Inventor app. Simplicity of mobile app gives parents the features they need and convenience they demand. Guiding the Process The results that Barron Gymnastics has seen from its mobile app reflect the careful thought and planning set in motion in the initial meetings that Scott had with the Mobile Inventor team.  Mobile Inventor helped Scott to work his goals for the app into the most simple and user friendly design. Mobile Inventor’s guidance helps to ensure that apps meet customer expectations and operate efficiently and effectively.   Barron Gymnastics’ mobile app has: Elevated the convenience level of doing business with their gym. Supported their place as a leader in innovation. […]

Integrated Solution Makes Sense for Gyms That Take Their Payroll Processing Seriously

Jon Aardema of Gymnastics Academy of Atlanta talks about using ExpressPayroll in conjunction with Jackrabbit’s Time Clock. Using ExpressPayroll in conjunction with Jackrabbit helps your business by: Taking the worries and hassles of payroll out of your hair. Eliminating concerns about payment of withholding taxes and tallying end-of-year tax totals. Making time entry more accommodating to employees preferences and schedules. Giving employees a payment process that they can depend on for accuracy and timeliness. A Smooth Start Set up with the Time Clock features in Jackrabbit and payroll details through ExpressPayroll is self-explanatory. It’s easy for owners or managers to get started. The number of hourly rates and types of employees you have determine how you set up the details. […]

Mobile App is a Powerful Part of Communications Strategy for Peak Kids

Mardi Obray of Peak Kids shares benefits of working with Mobile Inventor. Responsiveness and creativity brought Peak Kids’ app from concept to reality more quickly than anticipated. Surpass Expectations Mobile Inventor has the process of developing a mobile app down to a science. By providing customers with a template for setting up their app ideas, they give those who may not be able to visualize what they think a place to start. Layering on that the option to customize when necessary, Mobile Inventor helps customers take their apps in directions that they never imagined. “Mobile Inventor was easy to work with and very responsive to our questions. We were thrilled that the development cycle was shorter than we had anticipated […]

Barron Gymnastics Uses Technology to Heighten Efficiencies Without Losing Personal Touch

Barron Gymnastics needed to move to a web-based class management but the owners had concerns about the cost associated with implementing software. They also had concerns about the impact online processes would have on its face-to-face customer relationships. How quickly they would be able to see return on the investment in the new system? How would they maintain their connection with customers if they weren’t talking to them each month when they collected payments? “Changing to Jackrabbit has made a big difference in our efficiencies. Automated processes – like online registration – take staff out of the data entry process and give them more time for interacting on a personal level with families.” Joe Barron, Barron Gymnastics VALUE OF ONLINE […]

Jackrabbit’s Conveniences Make a Difference to Parents

Jackrabbit’s parent portal has put Hand2Hand Gymnastics on the leading edge with online conveniences that give them a distinct competitive advantage. OWNERSHIP BRINGS BLESSING | Diane never planned to be a gym owner. But recent career challenges had given her incentive to consider trying something new. It just so happened that the gym where her son was working announced that it would close because the owners were retiring. Buying the gym was something that Diane and her husband decided they could do and it has turned out to be a blessing in disguise. They’ve built a thriving business that they enjoy and that their son and daughter-in-law will take over when the time is right. TECHNOLOGY ENABLED AND INSPIRED | One […]

Jackrabbit Gives Owners the Views They Need to Manage Financial and Class Details of Cheer and Gymnastics Businesses

Cheer World and Gymnastics World, Inc. www.cheerworldallstars.com 1 gymnastics location, 1 cheer location 382 cheer students/850 gymnastics students, 19/25 instructors Owners, Patrick Fogarty, Cheer World, and AJ Ganim, Cheer World and Gymnastics World THE CHALLENGE It was fortunate that Patrick and AJ had implemented Jackrabbit prior to splitting their Cheer program off from their Gymnastics business. With two facilities and a busy competition travel schedule, managing their businesses without the access that an online system provides would be almost impossible. Their previous system was a homegrown Lotus spreadsheet management system. And while it had performed adequately in some areas, it lacked integration and accessibility and it would have never been able to scale for growth. THE SOLUTION Offering convenience through online […]

Jackrabbit Helps Clients with Business Management & Growth Over the Long Haul

North Raleigh Gymnastics  www.tumblewithus.com 1 location, 1400 students, 47 instructors Owners, Scott and Rachel Davis THE CHALLENGE In 2004, as NRG’s needs grew beyond the capabilities of the system that he had written, Scott brought the idea of building a system for tracking child and family data to Jackrabbit CoFounder Mark Mahoney – even offering his database as a development foundation. If more robust technology could help manage their business then the two owners could focus on teaching. THE SOLUTION As a true management system took shape, Scott and Rachel’s main concerns were with their customers’ privacy and the security of their information – especially since Jackrabbit was developing the first online management system for their type of business. The […]