Jackrabbit Gives Owners the Views They Need to Manage Financial and Class Details of Cheer and Gymnastics Businesses

Cheer World and Gymnastics World, Inc. www.cheerworldallstars.com 1 gymnastics location, 1 cheer location 382 cheer students/850 gymnastics students, 19/25 instructors Owners, Patrick Fogarty, Cheer World, and AJ Ganim, Cheer World and Gymnastics World THE CHALLENGE It was fortunate that Patrick and AJ had implemented Jackrabbit prior to splitting their Cheer program off from their Gymnastics business. With two facilities and a busy competition travel schedule, managing their businesses without the access that an online system provides would be almost impossible. Their previous system was a homegrown Lotus spreadsheet management system. And while it had performed adequately in some areas, it lacked integration and accessibility and it would have never been able to scale for growth. THE SOLUTION Offering convenience through online […]

Jackrabbit Gives Cheer Facility Owners Convenience and Efficiency of Online Processes

Victory! Cheerleading www.victorycheer.com 1 location 367 students 25 instructors Owners, Lauren and Jason Peetz THE CHALLENGE Lauren and Jason were looking for an online solution to managing their business. They used PC-based software that was adequate but trying to combine it with Go-To-My-PC type tools to access the application from home or while traveling just didn’t work. They also had recently seen the aftermath of a complete onsite backup failure and they didn’t want to be in the position for complete data loss to happen to them. THE SOLUTION Lauren and Jason decided Jackrabbit would do everything they needed to do now and grow with Victory! Cheerleading. Lauren and Jason can use their software from outside the office just as […]

Jackrabbit Helps Owner Make Transforming Changes to his Cheer Gym Operations

East Coast Nitros www.eastcoastnitros.com 1 location, 400 students, 16 instructors Owner, Glenn Sutch Jackrabbit Helps Owner Make Transforming Changes to his Cheer Gym Operations THE CHALLENGE Glenn was searching for a class-based management system that provided robust receivables and payables features. Cheer gyms have unique needs that no software available in the marketplace is customized to provide. Glenn’s worries were around the magnitude of what he thought was coming in making a system change that had the potential for putting all his business data at risk. THE SOLUTION Jackrabbit proved to be an easy transition for East Coast Nitros – including tweaks that were needed to fit his cheer gym’s processes. The mass payment and communications features were important factors […]

Jackrabbit Flexibility Allows Customization to Accompany Automation and Convenience

All Star Legacy  www.legacyathletics.com 3 locations, 500 students with seasonal increases, 25 instructors Owner, Kyle Grussmeyer THE CHALLENGE Kyle needed business management software that would provide details of his financials and classes quickly and effectively, but his billing needs didn’t fit the typical class management solution because of of his unique seasonal classes. He became more optimistic when a couple other competitive cheer business owners recommended Jackrabbit to him. THE SOLUTION For Kyle, putting Jackrabbit in place took a little help from Jackrabbit’s support team to make the few tweaks necessary to have everything he needed up and running – including his unique class offerings and billing needs. Jackrabbit is unique among business and class management solutions in its flexibility […]

Jackrabbit’s Automation and Online Processes Prove to be Game-Changers for ACE Gadsden

ACE All Stars Gadsden www.acetribe.com 6 locations, 600 students, 24 instructors Owners, JR & Kelley Zeringue THE CHALLENGE With six growing locations in the ACE family, it was important to standardize their management systems so that performance could be tracked across the entire group. The Zeringue’s were disappointed in their previous system and decided to follow the Atlanta ACE location’s lead in putting Jackrabbit in place. THE SOLUTION JR and Kelley immediately noticed how easy it was for their staff to learn the Jackrabbit system. The value to ACE customers shined through with detailed information available at their staff’s fingertips and conveniences of online registration and payment processes. JR and Kelley also noticed a tremendous time savings for their staff. […]