Clear User Definable Fields on Your Own

There are 2 new user permissions and, once a user has the permission, they’ll see under the families and student menus the option to “Clear UDF Answers”.

Before this enhancement, users would collect these user definable field answers and then eventually ask support to clear them out so they can start fresh. Now (as long as they have the permission), users can do it themselves and not have to bother contacting support and waiting for it to be completed.

By |August 12th, 2015|Software Tips|Comments Off on Clear User Definable Fields on Your Own

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Janet has a diverse working background from Administrative Assistant and Group Sales Manager for two restaurant organizations to the Marketing Administrator for a National Author & Public Speaker. Most recently Janet founded a specialized transportation business in North Carolina. She grew up in Northern California and spent time both in Sonoma and Lake Tahoe before relocating to North Carolina.Janet spends her free time with her husband & son playing golf, visiting family, and always looking forward to her next trip to the beach.


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