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Why Wait? Send Now Option available for Scheduled Emails

Scheduling emails in Jackrabbit was an anticipated enhancement for many users. Whether you are a night owl and would prefer emails to be sent during the day or you are a master multi-tasker and you need to schedule an important email for a future date while it is on your mind, this option is amazing! If you haven’t taken advantage of schedule emails yet, what are you waiting for? Read our Help Center article on how to Schedule an Email to be Sent at a Later Time to learn more.

Scheduling Emails just got even better

Electing to schedule an email for another date and time in the future is helpful when you need to save your draft and come back to it later. With the latest enhancement, you will have a quick and easy way to Send Now.

To start using the Send Now option, first you should access your Scheduled Emails. The quickest way to get there is from your Executive Dashboard.

A new Send icon appears, giving you options to reschedule the email or send it immediately.

To send the email to your recipients immediately, click the Send Now button.

Confirm you want to send now and it is just that easy!

Tips to remember

The ability to Email Families is controlled by the user permission ‘Email families & email student schedules. However, if you want to access and work with scheduled emails, the user permission needed is ‘Emails – scheduled’. You may already have these permissions but in the case that you do not, an administrator from your organization will need to add these to your User ID. Don’t forget…log out and log back in so the update can take place!

Have a question on the new Send Now option for Scheduled Emails? Contact our Support team through the ? icon in the right corner of your database for help!

Sending emails is one thing, making sure they are read is another. Check out this post for the latest trends in email marketing!

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