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Why Use the ‘View Unapplied Credits & Unpaid Fees’ Button?

Have you noticed something new on the Family page? There is a button labeled “View Unapplied Credits & Unpaid Fees” and it can help make your life easier, so get to know it well.


This is your shortcut to help in balancing, reconciling and fixing accounts.

For example, if the family has a zero balance, but there’s an unpaid fee.

The Transaction tab only displays 20 transactions at a time. So it’s not obvious how they can have an unpaid fee, yet have a zero balance.


Now, with a simple click on the “View Unapplied Credits & Unpaid Fees” button, you’re provided with a view of only transactions that are not fully applied and/or paid.  The screen shot below shows you that in December of 2014, a fundraising credit was put on the account but was never actually applied to any fee.


This amount has been “hanging out there” since it was entered because it was never applied to a fee. You can apply that credit to the 6/16/2015 Tuition Fee. All fees will then update as paid, all payments will be applied and the balance will be zero.  And all will be well with the world.

Why did we make this change?

We’re all about simplifying things for you. Before this button was on the tab – here’s what happened:

  1. You would email support saying “why do I have an unpaid fee?” While the family shows a zero balance, their account also shows an unpaid fee.
  2. One of our support team members would tell you to go to Transactions > Advanced Search and run a Special Search:
    1. Date range had to begin when the family was created thru today’s date or later
    2. Family name would need to be selected
    3. You would need to select a Special Search = All Credits w/Unapplied Amt Remaining

Sometimes you may have about finding the fees that don’t appear as fully paid and  this would require that the Transactions Advanced Search  with a Special Search = Fees Not Fully Paid and then compare the 2 reports.

Do you see why we thought this needed simplifying?

The first step toward this full enhancement was offering a Transaction advanced search  with Special Search = All unapplied credits and unpaid fees  that shows both All Credits with Unapplied Amount Remaining  and Fees Not Fully Paid results.

This was an improvement to the complex process noted above, but putting the button in place on the Family page has totally eliminated the need for you to go to the Transaction page and enter all date ranges, family name and special search criteria. This information is automatically populated from the page that you’re on when you click the button.

This is much simpler for you!



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