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Why Join the Jackrabbit User Group?

“Quite simply, it’s a tremendous resource for any user.” 

Writing this from the Jackrabbit perspective, we could give you a multitude of reasons why we think you should be in our Users Group. But we would like to share what those who are already members of it have said.

Wendi Bergstrom uses Jackrabbit at her facility, Grand Central Academy of Performing Arts, and believes that our new Users Group is great “for hands-on, post-to-the-minute, real life interaction and use.” It is “a collective of minds using the program in a way that suits those of us that use it the same way, best.”

Diane Trifiro, Hand 2 Hand Acrobatic Training Center, loves the new Jackrabbit Software Facebook Users Group! “Thanks so much for adding the Jackrabbit Facebook User Group. I have already used it several times. I am hoping that as more people join the group it will become a valuable resource to see how people are using Jackrabbit in ways that I might not have thought of.  The more people we can network with the better and Facebook is an easily accessible tool to use!”

Just to give you a little tour and tell you about the Facebook Users Group features, let me say that we have the platform for providing you with files and images or videos that you can view and download. You can also learn who some of the other users are so that you may be able to direct specific questions to someone who has a facility most like yours.

But the feature of the Facebook Users Group that rises above the others is that simple little Ask a Question box.  The resources that you’re accessing when you pose a question to this group are amazing!

Sure some Jackrabbit folks are members but we aren’t the important ones. Look down the list (which is growing day by day!) and see the user-side knowledge that is there! My goodness, there are folks in this user group that have been using Jackrabbit for years.  They know lots of the tips and tricks that we try to share with you on the blog but they know off the tops of their heads from daily use of the software!

If you’ve attended a User Conference in Charlotte or in Vegas, you understand the value of interaction with other users. Just bantering back and forth about the best way to pull a somewhat unique report can save you hours of trial and error and loads of frustration.

We hope you accept our invitation to join this select group. We believe it is a platform for leveraging the Jackrabbit user experience that exists across all of our users without even stepping outside your door!

Click here to request membership!


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