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Why Are There Two Ways to Post Tuition Fees?

Fees posting that fits your business style – not ours.

Every organization is different! In fact, we’ve found that one of the ways organizations differ the most is in the ways they choose to bill for the classes that they provide to students. Whether the differences are small, such as across-the-board discounts, or pretty major, such as by hours instead of classes. It is our hope to help every organization post fees quickly and easily – regardless of the differences in how they bill.

So, what is the difference between posting fees by total hours and posting by classes?
It is really simple – and exactly as it sounds.

Posting Fees By Class

When you bill by the classes that students take, using post tuition fees by classes.

This allows you to bill for one class at a time or many classes at once. You simply selection details such as category, room, location and session as you start to complete your set up. You can save these selections as a favorite so you don’t have to go through the set-up process each time you want to post fees.

Watch a video or read written instructions about posting tuition fees by classes.

Posting Fees By Total Hours

When you bill by total hours a student or family of students consumes, you use post tuition fees by total hours.

This differs from the “by classes” method because it runs off of fee schedules that you create and duration and tuition fee amounts that you assign to each student. When you run fee schedules you may do so by individual student or by all of the students in the family. You may create multiple fee schedules but they must be used one at a time. You may save your fee schedules for reuse! We want this process to be quick and simple for you!

Watch a video or read written instructions about posting tuition fees by total hours.
Regardless of which fee posting method you use, you can use multi-student discounts, duplicate fee detection and you can preview your work before posting. The totals will appear on the family page in the transactions tab.

“It makes no sense to choose to work harder. That is why we have Jackrabbit. We don’t have to put in more hours to do more. It lets us live our lives at the end of the day.” –Sam Beckford, Academy of Dance and Music

Using Jackrabbit, you will never again need to go into each family for posting their fees. Once you have your families set up correctly, mass posting tuition fees is simple, fast, accurate and convenient.


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