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What’s on Matt Grevers’ iPod?

If you want to hear what is in Olympic Gold Medalist Matt Grevers’ head, take a look at this iPod list!

Ten Songs with Matt Grevers

  1. Aqueous Transmissions – by Incubus
    Incubus has been my favorite band for the last 15 years. Their music has dramatically changed over that timeframe. Every new album released happens to be the type of music I’m looking for. This song melts away my stress and allows my mind to relax.
  2. On Top of the World – by Imagine Dragons
    My No. 1 song! I imagine that it’s describing my life and what it’s been like. As the song says, “On top of the world, hey!” It always makes me happy and fills me with appreciation for my life.
  3. Kill Your Heroes – by Awolnation
    Please take note, this song is not about actually killing your heroes. It’s about getting rid of the idea that anyone but you is responsible for your results. Become your own hero and don’t look to your idols to accomplish your dreams for you. This entire album, Magalithic Symphony, reminds me of sitting in my suite in the Olympic Village with my roommate Nathan Adrian. I really could have picked any song from the album but this song stuck out because of its message.
  4. Flowers in Your Hair – by the Lumineers
    This is the song that played for me while I was waiting to marry (National Team member) Annie (Chandler) I happened to be alone for a few minutes before my march to the altar. During those 10 minutes my mind was RACING! This song calmed me down. Very fitting song to hear at that moment, felt like the Big Man was speaking to me.
  5. Hurts Like Heaven – by Coldplay
    Such a good band that it was hard to pick one song. This relaxes me, but doesn’t put me to sleep. It puts my mind in focus. It’s a perfect post-warm-up, pre-race song.
  6. Open Your Eyes – by Snow Patrol
    On the rare occasion that I’m feeling sad and want to be emotionally touched, this is my go-to song. I’m happy to say I haven’t been listening to it often lately.
  7. In the Summertime – by Mungo Jerry
    This is solely a feel-good song that puts a smile on my face – no deeper meaning within the lyrics or memory to coincide with it.
  8. Some Nights – by Fun
    I don’t normally listen to music in the ready room at meets, but before the 100 mile back in London, I broke out the headphones. I needed help focusing my thoughts on what I wanted to accomplish – winning. This song got me in the mood to go to battle, which was essentially what we are doing while trying to win gold for our country. It filtered out the distractions and made my objective clear. I just kept picturing the perfect race. This song was the theme song to my mental race rehearsal!
  9. King and Lionheart – by Of Monsters and Men
    I really got into this band on the training trip in Vichy, France before and headed to London for the Olympics. Whenever I hear this song I think of that trop and everything wonderful about it – its beautiful views, great friends and most importantly, the tasty cantaloupe.
  10. Sleepyhead – by Passion Pit
    There are a few songs that can get me in the mood to dance. My dancing is very high energy with some sporadic jumps and very loose movements. This is one of those songs that get me in the mood to cut loose.Originally published by

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