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What makes you successful?

SwimAmerica Program Director for Fleet Swimming in Cypress TX, Cynthia Stubbins has developed her own “Stones to Success”.

We took a look at them and tweaked them just a little. We see the resulting items as a great checklist to ensure that you’re covering all of the key areas that contribute to the greatest potential success of your swim school:

  • Safety
  • Fun
  • Parent satisfaction
  • Swimmer happiness
  • Coach satisfaction/retention
  • Swimmer progress
  • Teaching proper skills
  • Leveraging technology for efficiencies and better service
  • Profitability
  • Marketing
  • Customer service
  • Positive relationships and communication with competitive coaches and parents
  • Efficient use of pool space

A close examination of your school with this checklist in mind, can not only ensure that you’re on a successful path but also can open up new avenues of growth and improvement that you may have not considered before.

Resource for this article: SwimAmerica

Image Credit: Jackrabbit Technologies

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