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What are the Benefits of Having Company Policies?

There are many benefits to having well-written company policies. Aside from helping an employer defend itself against an unfair termination claim or liability claim, they can demonstrate that the company is being operated in an efficient and professional manner.  Additionally, they foster stability and ensure consistency in decision making and operational procedures.

A good workplace policy clearly states to whom the policy applies and should be written in plain English that is easily understood by employees.  The policy should also give the employer discretion in the policy’s implementation and the basis of that discretion should be stated as part of the policy.

Effective policies are provided, explained to all and new employees. This includes part-time, full-time employees and independent contractors. Employers should clearly explain how to comply with the policies and the implications of not complying.  Furthermore, when changes are made to policies, it is important that they are clearly and openly communicated with employees. Courts are unlikely to uphold terminations for breach of workplace policies if the policies have not been properly communicated to employees or have not been applied consistently.

Up to date, well drafted policies that have been effectively communicated to employees can go far toward eliminating any misunderstandings between employees and employers about their rights and obligations in the business environment.

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