We’ve Made Doing Your Work in the Staff Portal Easier!

You know that Jackrabbit is all about making things easier for you so we’ve made some changes in the Staff Portal that do just that.

First, we’ve added new buttons in the Staff Portal to improve navigation between functions. Your moves between Attendance, Skills/Levels, and Email will be extra-speedy – saving you even more time as you do what you need to do.

Once you start taking Attendance, updating Skills/Levels, or sending an Email, you no longer have to click Return to go back to the main Day class listing to update the other areas. Now the buttons for updating other functions appear on your current screen.

Second, we’ve added a new setting in the Staff Portal for Skills/Levels that will allow you to include notes for the skill activity email that you can send to parents. Check your Staff Portal Settings page to make sure this is set as you prefer: “Yes” to include notes, “No” if you’d prefer not.


Read more about your Staff Portal Settings in the Jackrabbit Help Center.

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