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Dynamic Duo for Online Class Registration

Start the New Year off by using online registration and waitlists in creative ways.

Did you know that you can allow online registration directly to a WAITLIST if the class if full?  This is great way to allow your customers to get on a waitlist without having to call your office.  This also helps you determine when you may need to add additional classes to meet the needs of your customers.

To use this feature, go to Tools>Website Registration>Settings, and in the section called Listings Settings make sure you have “Show Full Classes” set to YES and “Allow Waitlist when Class is Full” to YES. This will ensure that classes that are full will still show a live “Waitlist” link in your listings tables, web registration form, and portal.

When a student clicks and registers for the Waitlist, it simply adds their name to the Waitlist for that class in your database.  It doesn’t enroll them.  Your dashboard alerts will let you know anytime openings become available in classes that have students on the waitlist.  This is an effective way to accommodate the needs of your customers at their convenience, using your website as 24/7 office staff.

Want to judge interest in a possible future class? Create the class and set the maximum size at 0 (zero) and the waitlist size at 50. This will cause the class to show as “full”. Use the features above and see how many people sign up on the “waitlist”.  Once you reach your minimum goal of interested students to provide the class, change the max size to the true max size and begin enrolling the students on the waitlist.  Take advantage of the online waitlisting functionality – it is a great tool.

Learn more about Wait List Enrollments and Online Registration. Also visit www.JackrabbitSchool.com to get in-depth information about implementing Online Registration.

Barron Gymnastics takes advantage of the flexibility of Jackrabbit’s online registration feature to show different class categories on separate website pages. View the links below to see other examples of how customers implement online registration on their websites.








(Click here for more examples)


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