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Virtual Punch Cards, What Are They & How Can You Use Them at Your Youth Activity Center?

Punch cards are a simple and effective way to generate extra revenue at your youth activity center. And with such high usage of mobile phones, why not make them easy to keep up with so they can be loaded, punched, and reloaded straight from a mobile app? 

That’s exactly what the masterminds behind Jackrabbit Plus, our class management software and mobile app bundled solution, were thinking when they created Virtual Punch Cards. 

Not familiar with the concept of Virtual Punch Cards? Glad you’re here then!

What are Virtual Punch Cards?

Whether you realize it or not, you’ve likely been a consumer of punch cards. From business to business, they vary in size and perks but the idea is the same – make it easy for customers to buy a number of services that they can easily redeem at their convenience. 

Some businesses provide physical cards that are literally punched each time they are redeemed until the card is full at which time you can ‘re-up’ for a new one. Here at Jackrabbit Class, punch cards are virtual so they are effortless to maintain for the customer and the business. 

For youth activity centers, Virtual Punch Cards are a great way to offer adult classes, master classes, or open gym or swim sessions that may or may not be held on a weekly basis. Of course, the sky is the limit but these are the most common examples we see our clients successfully using with Jackrabbit Plus. 

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How do Virtual Punch Cards work?

Before opening these up to your customers, as a business owner you want to decide what kinds of packages or bundles you will offer and for what programs. Once you know your method of madness, you can create the e-Punch Cards in the Mobile Inventor dashboard so that parents can see the options the next time they open your app. 

From the mobile app, parents can purchase, load, redeem, and reload their very own Virtual Punch Card. Since the mobile app is integrated with your Jackrabbit application, fees for punch cards will automatically be added to a family’s account for payment. 

In the event that a parent visits your front office, you can also sell a punch card from the Mobile Inventor dashboard and assign it to an app user. From there, you can charge the family account and take payment!

Simple enough, right? Yes, but let’s visit why Virtual Punch Cards benefit you and your customers!

3 ways Virtual Punch Cards benefit your youth activity center

Here at Jackrabbit, we are all for the creative ideas that help our industries grow but it also has to make sense and be beneficial for not only you, as the business owner, but also your customers. There are many benefits to offering Virtual Punch Cards but let’s focus on the top 3. 

Virtual Punch Cards offer your customers more flexibility

In the example of offering adult classes, we know life is busy. Whether your classes are made up of working parents, stay-at-home moms, or young professionals looking to stay active, the intention is there but the ability to show up week to week may not be. 

Or, when you think of offering open gym – you may be lucky enough to offer open gym every Saturday with full attendance, but that may not always be the case. Maybe it’s every other Saturday or on a rotating schedule based on when your team has rehearsals and clinics.

With Virtual Punch Cards, attendance is more flexible and that’s expected. It’s known that the classes paid for upfront can be redeemed at any time throughout the session and cards will be punched accordingly. You’re more likely to have buy-in and fill up these extra classes during a time when your gym, studio, or pool may not have been used otherwise. 

Of course, your bread and butter are your core classes and offerings that have consistent enrollment week to week for a session, term, or season. But, there’s a market out there for those looking for something that requires less commitment.

Virtual Punch Cards are convenient 

While we are all familiar with the old-school punch card that is punched with a hole-puncher or stamp, that just isn’t the way of the world today. Giving your customers the option to not only purchase, load, and reload a punch card from their phone but to also redeem punches from your mobile app makes it much easier to manage. 

It may be easy to leave a little card at home or in a different bag from the last time they came to class but it’s a little harder for them to leave their phone at home. Even if they do, your office staff can digitally punch the card for them at the front desk so it’s a win-win!

Records are accurate and punches redeemed and the remaining are visible to your customer, all while making it convenient for both you and your customers.

Virtual Punch Cards bring in extra revenue

Without an easy tracking system and a simple way to keep up with the financial side of it, you may not have previously considered offering adult classes, master classes, or open gym or swim. And that’s completely valid. But knowing that your mobile app can simplify this process for you and your families makes it a no-brainer. 

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Why not add programs to your youth activity center when the gym, pool, or studio isn’t being used?
  • Why not offer something that is easier to commit to with flexibility and convenience for families?
  • Why not generate additional revenue by collecting payment upfront for a number of classes?

These classes that are in addition to your normal class schedule may appeal to your current students as extra options for training, but it will also appeal to more people outside of your normal reach because there is less financial and time commitment. 

All of these factors come together to bring in more revenue than if your gym, pool, or studio sat empty during that time. And that’s just the kind of creative revenue stream you need!

Need more ideas on generating revenue at your youth activity center? Check out a client panel on how birthday parties brought in additional income here!

How can you get started with Virtual Punch Cards?

Aside from partnering with Jackrabbit Plus, the best class management software and custom-branded mobile app in the business, you’ll want to lay out what your punch card offerings will look like. Things to consider include:

  • What programs will be run with virtual punch cards instead of monthly tuition?
  • How many classes or lessons will be included in each pass?
  • Will you offer multiple bundles that vary in the number of classes or lessons?
  • Will the punches expire during a specific time frame?
  • Will you charge a registration fee for these classes or lessons?
  • How can you market this pay-as-you-go program in your community?

There’s no right or wrong answer here but thinking through these questions will help you and your youth activity get started with Virtual Punch Cards in the most successful way possible!

As always, the Jackrabbit Plus team is here to help you get started, create your mobile app, set up Virtual Punch Cards, and anything in between.  

Join Jackrabbit Plus today!

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