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Tips from Customer Support: Transitioning from One Season to Another

How can you more smoothly transition your classes for your New Session?

For a New Session, you should Create New Classes, Put Old Classes into History, Drop Students and ensure all transaction History for Families is maintained.

What does Archiving Classes do?
Archiving Classes takes an ACTIVE class and puts it into TERMINATED status. Depending on the setting you select, it will take the class, drop the enrollment and put it to sleep.

Can I restores an Archived Class?
You can restore a class that you have archived if necessary. You must restore Archived Classes one at a time.

Why is it important to Archive Classes and not just Drop Students and change Session and Class Dates?
If you simply “modify” an existing class and drop the students from it, there is no Enrollment History recorded for your organization. By dropping students through the Archive process, you put their enrollment into your Enrollment History. This allows you to pull important historic, statistical data on your enrollment.

What happens to the transactions for a Family if a Class is Archived?
All Transaction History is kept the same. The only difference is that once you have archived a class, you can no longer Post Tuition Fees to that class through the Post Tuition Fees Function.

What is the best way to implement this process?
1. Copy existing Session classes using the Copy Classes function under the Classes Menu. The New Classes should have a New Session and New Dates. At this point, you can choose to copy enrollment. (This activity can differ for each organization.)

2. Once the old session is complete, you should Archive the old session and select to Drop the Students from the old class.
Now you have New Classes ready to receive enrollment and you have Enrollment History created for your previous session.

Always use your “EMAIL SUPPORT” button to request assistance for any questions you have about your Jackrabbit system.

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