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Top 7 Enhancements To Use In 2013

2012 was a great year for Jackrabbit – we made 100 enhancements to the software! These enhancements were made to help our customers. We want to simplify, shorten, and accomodate your needs in the software.

We have put together a list of the top enhancements in 2012 so you can use them this year:

Time Clock

Jackrabbit offers a Time Clock for tracking Staff hours. There is a new “Clock” option in the red menu bar, in-between “Staff” and “Transactions”.

The Clock offers a variety of time entry methods per Staff person, ability to split time between “Departments”, “Department” pay rates, “Over Scheduled Time” reporting to determine extra hours entered (based on already created class schedules), easy identification of incomplete time entries, time approval process, audit reporting to view staff activity, database setting to access the Clock remotely and an export of hours to the Payroll Express Plus payroll system.

Please refer to the “Getting Started” page for easy steps to quickly access the Clock for the first time. “Getting Started” is located under the Clock menu.

Extended Support Hours

Jackrabbit Support has extended their hours to 8am to 8pm EST. The added daily hours are there to offer you assistance and make your experience with our software as speedy and efficient as possible.

Duplicate Tuition Fee

Post Tuition Fees and Post Tuition Fees by Total Hours have a new section called “Duplicate Tuition Fee Detection”. When selected, the system will search within the entered date range for families having a fee with Transaction Type = Tuition Fee. The preview batch will highlight tuition fees which are possible duplicates based on the search criteria you selected. You will then make the final decision if the tuition fee will or will not be posted to the family. To see a demo of the enhancement, click on this link for a short video: Duplicate Tuition Fee Detection Video.

Save Criteria for Template

The ability to save and use Templates has been added to many places in Jackrabbit:  Post Tuition Fees, Post Tuition Fees by Total Hours, Statements Print and Email, Class Rolls,  all Advanced Searches, Enrollment History Report, Deposit Slip, Family Listing, Paid Fees Summary, Revenue Summary, Transaction Listing and Transaction Sub-Type Listing.

Tasks for Others

Now when viewing the tasks that have been “assigned to others,” you can toggle between completed and uncompleted items. You can also put these tasks on other user’s dashboards.

QuickBooks Export of Staff Hours

Export to Payroll now has the option to “Export QuickBooks File.” This will create an IIF file to be imported into QuickBooks to process payroll. It’s very important to check your QuickBooks settings before importing the first time. Click this link for instructions: QuickBooks Setup Guide for Time Clock Export.

Online User Guides

Jackrabbit’s Online User Guides offer an interactive experience for new and experienced users.  The guides are searchable by keyword to assist you in becoming proficient in any aspect of the software.

To get to the online guides: select the   link in the upper right corner of your database.  Select any guide from the choices displayed.  Once the guide loads, use the Keyword Search box or the Contents, Index, and Search tabs to help you find the information you need.

You can always see our list of enhancements here.

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