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Tips from Customer Support: Viewing Your Organization’s Activities

One of Jackrabbit’s best features is one that is overlooked by many users. It is a little known fact that the Weekly/Daily schedule view of classes is the best way to view the activity for your organization!  Under the Main Classes Menu – the Weekly/Daily Schedule option allows you to see your classes for the Day, The week OR by Room.

The Weekly View provides you with a calendar organized by days of the week.  The Daily View allows you to see classes by Time and Instructor.  The Instructors are organized from left to right by Activity.  Instructors with the highest enrollment and most classes are shown to the absolute left.  The Room View allows you to view classes by time and room availability.

When you are presented with any of these views, you can add a class by selecting a time slot, hover over an existing class to see how it is set up and to show the students enrolled in the class.  You can also enroll a student directly from this screen or access the Quick Registration form and enroll new students.


The Weekly/Daily view is by far the most complete view of what is happening for your organization!

Always use your “EMAIL SUPPORT” button to request assistance for any questions you have about your Jackrabbit system.

To review the way your Jackrabbit software works, download Jackrabbit’s continuously improved User Guide. Print out a copy to keep at your fingertips as a reference.
Click Here to download the latest User Guide.

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