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Tips from Customer Support: Saving Time When Billing Customers and Managing Accounts

After attending a conference for one or our Franchise customers, we learned how busy some of our customers are doing the day to day operations of their business.

We would like to offer a few “tricks of the trade” that could make a HUGE difference in the time spent completing day to day tasks. Jackrabbit is meant to HELP you operate your business.  If billing your customers and managing individual accounts is consuming lots of your time, you may not be taking advantage of Jackrabbit in the way that it works best.

Billing customer is something that a few people were actually going “Family by Family” to do. Jackrabbit allows you to Post Fees to individual family accounts in a single group or even multiple groups!  We bill OUR Jackrabbit clients using Jackrabbit so we really understand it!  To make this process even easier, Jackrabbit has the ability to practice and play with billing and it does not affect people’s credit cards or charges!

If you are spending a lot of time billing customers and are concerned with the Fees that are posted to peoples accounts (before running a credit card transactions) – check out the Post Tuition Fees section of the Jackrabbit User Guide.

There is no question that you should be SAVING TIME using Jackrabbit. We will work with you to ensure you are using it to its fullest potential.

Always use your “EMAIL SUPPORT” button to request assistance for any questions you have about your Jackrabbit system.

To review the way your Jackrabbit software works, download Jackrabbit’s continuously improved User Guide. Print out a copy to keep at your fingertips as a reference.
Click Here to download the latest User Guide.

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