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Tips from Customer Support: Re-Enrollment for Upcoming Sessions

Want to see re-enrollment for your upcoming session?

When NEW sessions are starting, support is often asked the question:

“How can I see a list of people currently enrolled in this session who registered for next session?  Is this possible?”

Jackrabbit’s reporting capability is very powerful especially when you consider a few “tricks of the trade”.  Sometimes there is not a report that is named specifically for the result you want to achieve, but that does not mean it is not available.  For example, there is no report called “re-enrollment”, but there is a report called the ENROLLMENT DETAIL report.  By using this report and running it in two different formats you can COMPARE information from one session to the next.

Here is an example of HOW to determine the amount of re-enrollment for two ACTIVE sessions:


From the Reports menu go to the ENROLLMENT DETAIL REPORT and use the following criteria (keep it SIMPLE).  Run it once for the First Session and then again for the upcoming session.
The Resulting output looks something like this:


Once you have your two reports (one for each session) and send them to Excel you can match up the last name column to see who has “re-enrolled”.

There is a little time involved in this process, but if you do it weekly or daily during registration time you can narrow down the list of names by using the ENROLLED FROM DATE on the new session report to find people that match to the prior session.

Remember to also check out the Jackrabbit User Guide on ARCHIVING sessions and COPYING classes to make your transition period a successful one!

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