Learning Skills Also Teaches Children Resilience

Resilience is the ability to adapt well to adversity, trauma, tragedy, threats or even significant sources of stress. Resilience is the never quit attitude that makes children determined to master a skill or accomplish a goal. Learning resilience can apply to both everyday occurrences and those that may rarely occur. You may first think of things like:         A 12-year-old learning they didn’t make the soccer team         An 8-year-old learning their best friend chose to sit [...]

July 12th, 2018|

Keep Students Focused Amidst Holiday Distractions

November 29th, 2017|

December is almost here. Amidst the distractions of decorating, gift shopping and giving, parties – and maybe even helping mom bake goodies – there is still time for skills and techniques to be perfected. But the distractions are so appealing! Glitter, snowflakes, bows and ribbons or gifts and powdered sugar [...]

10 Reasons Gymnastics Lessons Are What Toddlers Need

August 31st, 2017|

Being involved in physical activities of all kinds has an amazing effect on toddlers. But gymnastics in particular has specific benefits that parents want to make sure their toddlers are developing. To explain more about these specific benefits, it’s important to understand the senses that we are “born” with and [...]

Ed Represents Jackrabbit’s Commitment to Education

May 31st, 2017|

At Jackrabbit, we have a strong commitment to continuing education. This includes internally for our staff, as well as for offering our customers ongoing education opportunities. To reinforce this message and to highlight our commitment to it, Jackrabbit is introducing a new bunny named Ed (after all, he is the [...]

Advice from Experts: What to Do When You Lose Your Voice

April 17th, 2017|

If you’re a coach or a teacher, it’s no doubt that you’ve strained or lost your voice or at the very least suffered with a sore throat when you have to coach or teach. This isn’t a hopeless situation! There are some guidelines you can follow to alleviate the suffering [...]

Give Your Gymnasts a Bag List of What They Should Bring to Practice

March 8th, 2017|

You can help your gymnasts in lots of ways. An important way you can help them is to do something really simple to help them to feel comfortable at practice. Regardless of their skills or capabilities, all gymnasts can reach a certain level of comfort if they have everything they [...]

Skin and Hair Dryness from Swimming? Protect Yourself Even in the Winter

November 8th, 2016|

Skin and hair can present challenges for everyone in the winter, but especially for swimmers. It is important to treat skin and hair conditions so that swimming can be enjoyed without the bother of itching and irritation. The answers to these basic questions can help your swimmers keep their skin [...]

Clever Way To Capture Waivers Online For Birthday Parties

October 25th, 2016|

Setting up Events in Jackrabbit to organize your birthday parties is a powerful tool. With the Events module, you can capture the family's information, payment, party details and information about those attending each birthday party all in one place. If you haven't used Events for birthday parties before, click here [...]

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