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Store: How to sell drop-in classes

Have you had a request for a drop-in class pass? With the Jackrabbit store, you can record these passes to ensure accuracy in your revenue reporting. You can use this for an open gym or ‘pay as they attend’ sort of process. We’ll go over how to do this in a group of 10 classes in this blog.

So, for example you offer drop-in classes 10 for $100. A new family is registering for this package.

  1. Jackrabbit user creates the new family/student.
  2. User posts a fee and enters the payment for the $100 for the class tuition.
  3. User gets out a new barcode card (like a keyring card you get from CVS, gas station, etc)
  4. User creates an item and scans the barcode card to enter the item #. The item name could be “Tessa Ulman attended class” and enter the Quantity=10. The item price should be 0.
  5. When the student attends class, the user can go into the family (or store but I think the family would be best for a few reasons), Make Sale page, scan the card and click Save Fee. This will post a $0 fee to the family to record the “attendance” and also decreases the quantity of classes remaining.

At any time, a Jackrabbit user can go look at the Item List and see the quantity on hand to know how many classes a student has left. You can also use the Re-Order Alert report to help pro-actively reach out to families who will be needing to purchase classes soon.

You can ‘sell’ drop in classes by adding an item to the Store Item List that has the price for an individual class. Then anytime someone drops in, you would select that item and record the sale. Note: you would not ‘enroll’ the student in any classes.

Punch Cards

You can also sell “punch cards” to allow people to take drop-in classes and track the number of classes left for each card. This example shows how to sell a family a punch card that allows them to take 10 drop-in classes.

Create a generic item for a ‘punch card’ for the fee for 10 drop-in classes. Record the sale of this item when the family purchases a punch card.


Create a unique item to track each family’s use of the ‘punch card’ (Marks 10 classes). Note, this item should only be sold to the Marks family.

  • The item price is zero.
  • The initial Qty On Hand should be set to the number of classes they purchased.


Every time the customer takes a class, record the sale via Make A Sale and select the item (Marks 10 classes).

  • This will reduce the quantity on hand amount for the card
  • You can click on Save and Pay Later because the fee is zero.


You can check the remaining classes by looking at the QTY on Hand.


You can check the history of that punch card by using the Sales Detail Report and selecting that particular item (Marks 10 classes).


Questions? Leave it in the comments or submit a support ticket.

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