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Statements Have New Options that Simplify Use

Statements-Print Adds Return Address and Print/Format Option

Statements-Print currently only uses the family’s location address as the return address. However, for orgs who teach classes in other business’ locations, this can cause a problem because our client’s ‘office’ isn’t where the classes are being taught. We’ve added a print/format option for “Return Address” so an org has the option to choose the Main Organization Address instead of the Family Location. The default for the setting is ‘Family Location’ so it will automatically work how it always has.


Statements-Email Has Simplified Return Address and Phone Options

Statements -Email already has an option for “From(return) Address”. The label was changed to “Return Address” to match Statements Print. We’ve also added the phone number to the return address when the Main Org Address is selected (note the phone number already displays when Family Location is selected).


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