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Sometimes the Least Exciting Things Can Make a Difference

When asked what makes the most difference in growing and improving a studio or school, owners may guess that sexy activities like marketing campaigns and website redesigns. But it is actually quite mundane activities that can make the biggest difference in operational health and growth. These activities sometimes seem like a big secret because no one wants to talk about them. After all, they aren’t very exciting – unless you look at the results they produce.

Monitoring, tracking, surveying, documenting and operating just don’t inspire folks at all. They don’t sound the least bit exciting. But we’re going to let the secret out about them: These are the activities that give you the information and the methods that you need to be consistent with your employees and customers and to grow in a sustainable manner. Not sexy but effective.


This is the only way to understand what is going on in your studio or school’s classes and management offices. Do it and be consistent about it so that you have a good record to draw information from for addressing issues and improving environments.


First of all, tracking anything requires that you have a defined process that you tracking against. Establish a set of processes that are to be followed for everything that goes on in your studio or school, then track these activities consistently. Note variances and variables. Tracking also gives you a standard that you can eventually use to tweak processes and then understand if the tweak was a good choice or not.


This is the most efficient way to understand what is going on in the heads of your customers. There are many ways to do this, but choose one that doesn’t bring your management office to a grinding halt. There is automated software available at reasonable prices to help you do this regularly without tremendous work effort and analyze your results easily and quickly.


This includes processes and policies. Documenting these activities and situations makes management easier because it isn’t guesswork. It’s in black and white and can be easily communicated. It also takes the blame off of individuals because each one is simply following process and policy.


There is one other area where this may apply – unless you’re a geek – and that is your business management technology. You may be operating in ways or using methods that consume too much time, produce inaccurate, non-standard or limited results and keep you from offering parents easy ways to do business with you. While looking at management technology is far less sexy than choosing new music or equipment, it has a tremendous impact on how your business does business and how much you’re making at it. Find out more about how to make sure you’re operating at high efficiency and profitability.

These five “least exciting” components actually make executing those sexier activities easier because you understand what you should focus on and have the time and financial resources to do them. And you get results that are exciting.


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