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Sell Gift Cards This Holiday Season

What do people want for the holidays? Gift cards. 62% of consumers said they would like to receive a gift card from this National Retail Federation survey.


Parents coming into your facility don’t know they can purchase gift cards unless you tell them about them. You could even offer existing customers a discount when they buy one for themselves or their child. Or even extended family who always gives kids gift cards can give them a gift card that really matters to them. They can get that cool jacket or t-shirt they saw in your store.

Sell gift cards through Jackrabbit in the Store:

Add to your Drop Down list:

           Category 1 = Gift Certificate Sales

           Transaction Type – Gift Certificate (Debit)

Add this item to your Store account:

           Store: Add Item

In this example we have 100 gift certificates to sell and the value is $25. You can add more items for different value amounts.


nce this added, you can then sell the gift certificates to the general public or assign to a specific Family via the Store: Make Sale/Post fee option.

This is handled like any other merchandise sale.

When the Gift Certificate is redeemed, you will follow the Non-Monetary Credit steps:

Redeeming Gift Certificates:

Non-Monetary Credits

Examples are Groupons, gift certificates, scholarships, barter credits, fundraising credits, or credits for future fees.  This is different than a refund where real money is given back to the customer.

Drop Down List Set-up

Before adding a non-monetary credit, you’ll want to update a couple of your drop down lists, so that the credits can be reported separately from real revenue.  Add new drop down names by following the steps below.

  1. Tools and click Edit Drop Down Lists.
  2. Click Transaction Type in the left menu.
  3. Click Add Row.

Add a new Transaction Type named Gift Certificate (Credit). (Example: Groupon, Gift Certificate, Scholarship, Barter, Fundraiser, etc.)

  1. Save Changes
  2. Click Payment Method in the left menu.
  3. Click Add Row to add payment methods to define the credits. (Example: Groupon, Gift Certificate, Scholarship, Barter, Fundraiser, etc.)
  4. Save Changes


Note: Gift Cards need to be recorded as Revenue at the time they are sold. Use Transaction Type = Payment and Payment Method = Cash/Check/Credit Card

Gift Cards should NOT be recorded as Revenue when being redeemed. Use Transaction Type = Gift Card and Payment Method = Gift Card


Happy Holiday selling!

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