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Mike Gustafson, correspondent for USA Swimming, provides a little help in keeping the resolutions that you may have made just a couple of weeks ago. This year, indeed, can be different. Mike’s tricks may just help you to keep your resolutions and make the changes in yourself and your life that you want to make.

Most resolutions do, in fact, fail. If you do these five things, you have a better chance of making it through the most difficult weeks that it takes to make your changes stick. Mike writes these tricks for swimmers, but they apply to everyone! We’ve provide a sneak peek at Mike’s tricks.

1. To Set A Habit, Make Small Changes

2. Make a Calendar

3. Do Your Least Favorite Activity In The Morning

4. Always Ask Yourself, “Will This Activity Bring Me Closer or Farther From My Goals?”

5. Tell Someone Your Resolution

Read more for the details.

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