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Resetting Your Password

Ever feel like you reset your password more than you remember it? Luckily, resetting your password is super easy with Jackrabbit. We like you to have a strong password [with numbers and symbols] so others can’t get in – but we want to make sure you can still get in!

The next time you forget your password, here are the steps! They’re here for you 24/7!

IF you know your email address and user ID, you can reset your password using the “I do not know my password” link on the Login page.

If you do not have an Email associated with their User ID, you must contact your Office Administrator to reset your password.

The ability un-revoke a password is available by your Office Administrator:

1. Highlight ―Tools on the main menu and select the ―Manage Users & Permissions item.

2. Click on the ―Users tab to view the list of current users.

3. Click on the appropriate User‘s name and the ―User Profile page is displayed.

4. Change the ―Restrictions value from ―Access revoked to ―None.

5. Click ―Save Changes button near the top of the page and the changes will be saved.

These steps are necessary to protect the Org from unauthorized Users.

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