Recent Enhancements Impact Time Cards and Statements

“Department” Deleted from Edit Drop-Down Lists

Most of you probably didn’t know this drop-down list existed. It was put there in the very early stages of Time Clock. Once we got into design, it was realized, this wasn’t going to work. However, it wasn’t ever deleted from the Edit Drop-Down Lists left navigation. We have had support come in asking what it was for. We’ve deleted it to not cause any confusion and because we don’t/won’t use it for anything in the future.


“Pay Period” changed to “Time Period” in the Staff Time Card tab





Approve Time: Update to “Find Prior Entries” option

The option to “Find unapproved time entries from a prior pay period” has been updated to be “Find Prior Entries”. This way both approved and unapproved prior time entries can display in the search results.



“Approve Time” updated to “Approve/Unapprove Time”

The Clock menu option to “Approve Time” has been updated to “Approve/Unapprove Time”.




Time Report: Hour Type default of “regular” hours has been removed

The Time Report Hour Type had a default of “regular” hours which has been removed.



Day of the week has been added to Approve/Unapprove time and Time Report results

Day of the week was added in two places:


More information added to the Staff/Manager Note

The following information was added to the Staff/Manager Note: Staff name, date, hours and Department



Time Clock “Clear” button changed to a trashcan icon

The “Clear” button which appeared in the Time Clock “My Time Card” tab has been updated to be a trashcan icon. The the trashcan is clicked, the time entry row will be highlighted bright yellow and the alert references the date of the time entry about to be deleted.



Department alerts when the seventh, eighth and ninth Department are add

The system used to alert the user when the added the 7,8,and 9th Department to remind them Express Payroll only allows 8 Departments. This has been removed.

Statements-Email displays website & phone number

Statements-Email now displays either the Family Location’s website address and phone number or the Organization’s website address. This displays under the existing address section. The system looks at the Statements-Email Format Option “From (return) Address)” to know which one to display.

This is the existing setting (this isn’t new):


This is how the Statement-Email displays:





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