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Drop-down list Hide option: Categories 1/2/3, Session, ePayment Schedule, Family Source

Jackrabbit has added the ability to make Private or Hide various values in more of your drop-down lists. Use Private to keep certain options from showing during online registration; use Hide to make specific options invisible to you and your staff when working inside your Jackrabbit database.

For example, you have older sessions and you don’t want your families choosing those during online registration.  Nor, do you want you or your staff to accidentally choose an old session when setting up a class or enrolling a student.  You can mark archived sessions as Private and Hide.

However, you may want to pull retention reports in the future.  When that time comes, simply uncheck the box by ‘Hide’, Save Changes.  Pull your reports, then go back an hide that session again.


Another example…Maybe you are offering an Early Bird discount for families who register by a particular date, and you are using your ePayment Schedule drop-downs to allow them to choose it during online registration.  Once that date has passed, check the Private and Hide boxes by that drop-down value. No more families, or staff can choose that option.


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