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Paperless Vision Can Become Reality with the Right Software

Flying High Gymnastics finds huge value in Jackrabbit’s online processes.

Sarah Force, office manager of Flying High Gymnastics, was thrilled with the way the gymnastics business became streamlined as process after process was improved and/or automated by implementing Jackrabbit.

Whether it’s online registration, attendance tracking, or electronic payment processing, the powerful features that Jackrabbit provides have transformed the way operations flow in Flying High’s office and make it possible for Sarah to spend time doing more customer-focused activities.

Billing Features that are Cool

Jackie Passarelli who manages Flying High’s billing (and many other things) sees Jackrabbit as instrumental in their ability to achieve a totally paperless operation – which is a vision that she and Sarah have had since early in their relationship with Jackrabbit.

Flying High made quite a progression toward paperless, going from printed and mailed invoices to emailed invoices. But Jackrabbit’s Parent Portal took their streamlining to another level by eliminating the need for sending invoices at all. Parents simply login and pay in the portal. And for items that do need billing, Jackie uses ePayments in Jackrabbit. And because clients are required to have a credit card electronically filed, Jackie simply posts fees to accounts and clicks one button to collect feesfor all accounts in a single batch.

“The way Jackrabbit handles electronic payment processing with its ePayments feature is the quickest way ever to get our money. It’s so cool. No invoicing. No collections. No paper waste. We love it,” notes Sarah.

“We can do so much more with Jackrabbit handling the rote tasks that soaked up so much of our time,” notes Jackie. “I can collect money so quickly that I have time to use Jackrabbit’s reports to provide information that helps us make strategic plans. We can actually know where the growth potential is and explore ways to make it happen. For example, we now offer a summer incentive program to encourage parents to keep their students enrolled year round. We probably would have never come up with this if we hadn’t had the insight and perspective that Jackrabbit’s reports provide.”

Growth is almost immediate for clients because of the improvements owners, managers and staff can make when they don’t have to stay chained to their computers. Flying High experienced it. After putting Online Registration and ePayments in place, they’ve seen increases in enrollment and revenue. And what’s more, they can see where time-savings and paper-savings have made the bottom line look even better.

Benefits Go Beyond the Desk

Flying High finds Jackrabbit very user-friendly for staff. From instructors checking attendance and tracking skills on iPads or smartphones to Jackie kicking off billing processes from home or the office to Sarah checking her dashboard for total enrollments or money collected or reports for unpaid fees, the entire office can work without the need to generate paper or be at a desk.

Staff members aren’t the only ones who benefit from Jackrabbit’s online features. Flying High’s parents love it too. Today’s parents want to do things like enroll their kids and make payments to their accounts from their smartphones or iPads. Actually, it’s what they expect.

Online Registration Proves Itself

Sarah and Jackie weren’t always so sure about offering registration online. They were skeptical about the impact online registration would have on the business. The face-to-face contact that in-person registration provided was important to them and they feared that pushing their registration process online would interfere with their personal relationships with parents.

“We tested out Jackrabbit’s Online Registration a few years ago, by offering it to our new families only. We quickly saw that our skepticism was unwarranted,” Jackie says.

Flying High realized Online Registration was the right direction for their gym because they have lots of customers with 2 or 3 kids. They’re in a hurry to do everything. They are appreciative that the business they do with the gym is online.

“Parents are ecstatic! Now we talk about more important things – like their child’s progress – when we’re face-to-face,” adds Sarah. “And the huge bonus is that changing our registration process to an online one from paper processes has produced a 50% savings in time and a 75% savings in paper for our office. That is huge!”

Great Service Made Possible by Strong Values

Client support is a critical part of the experience a client has with software. Jackrabbit proves again and again that it is the industry leader here. For Sarah and Jackie, it is a reason that they are absolutely loyal to Jackrabbit.

“We ask so many questions. And many of ours are oddball issues that stem from an unusual service we offer or simply because of the proverbial operator error. Jackrabbit support is fast and helpful. They don’t just provide an answer to check you off of their list. They find the best solution for your specific issue and never read to you from a script,” Sarah and Jackie agree.

Jackrabbit’s core values are lived out by its team. Individuals can ‘own it’ by taking it upon themselves to find solutions for clients quickly. Individuals can also be confident in the Jackrabbit team’s transparency with clients because they know that the honesty shown is backed by Jackrabbit’s leadership.

Jackie summarizes her perspective on Jackrabbit:

“We’ve been with Jackrabbit since early on and we’ve seen the amazing pace at which they’ve grown. More than a decade has passed and the original co-founders are still hands-on and have kept alive the family feel that the team had when their number was still less than a dozen.”

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