Open Water Adventures shares their client success story.

OWA Maintains Consistent Growth with Help from Jackrabbit Swim

Open Water Adventures – or OWA as their friends call them – offers a swim program known for its excellence to those in the Charlotte, NC area.

OWA depends on ‘word of mouth’ for marketing the school. They’ve never done any advertising besides gifting new students with branded drawstring bags and t-shirts.

They offer no incentives, no sibling or military discounts on tuition (except for a sibling discount on registration fees) yet the school operates at 94.36 percent capacity and most classes have waitlists – and they have tremendous consistency – performing at this capacity year over year.

What enables OWA to do this?

OWA has an established reputation in the community.

  • In business for 22 years offering scuba, snorkeling and swim lessons to those in the Charlotte area and earning an outstanding 4.9/5 on their web rating
  • Maintains outstanding reputation for making customers happy by leveraging Jackrabbit Swim
  • Potential swim customers reached through dive lesson opportunities 
  • Offers low student-to-instructor ratios consistent with or better than local competitors

OWA’s classes maintain a valuable consistency.

  • Tried and true learn-to-swim process
  • Low instructor turnover for the industry

OWA has a small school appeal.

  • Students are a name, not a number
  • Deck managers recognize absences
  • Easily accommodate behavioral, health, scheduling or social needs
  • Quick student progress with high retention 
  • Comfortable atmosphere
  • Invitation-only 2 years class

“We need to do what we do and do it well. Jackrabbit helps us do this!” comments Ashton Gantz, OWA’s manager.

How does Jackrabbit help OWA?

Jackrabbit helps Ashton focus on what she can do for instructors to help them focus on the children by:

  • Making it easy for her to work – in the office or remotely
  • Providing reports that are a tremendous help in understanding enrollment, so they make the best decisions for their students and their businesses.

What are Ashton’s immediate wins with Jackrabbit?

Parents love, love, love the parent portal updates!

There is good stuff on the staff portal!

Live chats are the bomb!

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