Set your facility apart with Jackrabbits Powerful Cloud-based features

Online Options Give Charlotte Aquatics Distinct Advantage Over Competitors

How did Jackrabbit help Charlotte Aquatics get a leg up on not only other area swim schools but other children’s activity centers?

By helping them to put technology to work on their behalf…

What? Yep. Even those who don’t feel tech savvy – like Charlotte Aquatics owner Kelly Gaines – can quickly and easily put Jackrabbit’s most powerful cloud-based features in place and work them to their advantage.

Snap! A parent gets her child enrolled and registered for a class at the perfect time on the perfect day to fit their complicated schedule – a pretty simple desire that the studio down the street, the gym across town or the another area swim school may not have been able to fulfill. Why? They lack the powerful technology with features to do exactly that.

Charlotte Aquatics was experiencing so much growth that Kelly couldn’t imagine continuing to manage the business with a paper and phone system. But she had initial concerns about costs, support and the transition process in implementing technology. She was also concerned that her initial lack of technology savvy might put her at a disadvantage.

“Every concern that I had vanished after trying the system out. That’s what is great about the free trial that Jackrabbit offers. It’s your data set up like you would really use it. After our ‘test,’ I knew that putting online registration in place for our school would be a game-changer for our operations.” Kelly Gaines, Charlotte Aquatics

CONSUMPTION OF STAFF TIME REDUCED BY ONLINE REGISTRATION | During the registration process alone, Jackrabbit reduced the 144 hour effort that consumed three employees’ time by 50%. And the process works flawlessly. It’s flexible enough to enable early registration to be offered and provides reporting to keep owners and managers updated with detailed statistics from every class.

“Regardless of where I am or what time registration opens, I know how enrollment is going from the alerts that I see in my Inbox. I don’t have to have to be immersed in the process to be in the know.” Kelly Gaines, Charlotte Aquatics

PARENTS’ THRILLED WITH ONLINE OPTIONS | The improvement in customer service and parental happiness during the registration process was phenomenal. Parents are immediately able to see class availability online. It eliminates the two- to three-day wait that they experienced with manual processes in getting responses about classes. Online registration allows the entire process to be transparent for parents. They still may not get their first choice of classes but they see all class status online and know that human error has not caused them to miss their first choice.

“Our parents are ecstatic about seeing everything online and having access to all of their information through the portal. Online registration allows the entire process to be transparent for them. They still may not get their first choice of classes, but they see the status of all classes online and know that human error has not caused them to miss their first choice. These perks definitely put us ahead of our competitors.” Kelly Gaines, Charlotte Aquatics

ORGANIZATION DETAILS | 1 location, 1100 swimmers, 12 instructors, Kelly Gaines, Owner & Big Fish

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