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On Being a Professional …

We ask our staff to be professional!  Well, how do you define professional?  As a business, we owe our customers the best teachers, coaches and instructors we can put on the floor.  We must meet a standard of professionalism that all other businesses are held to if we are to be respected.  All employers expect our employees to be professional, but do we tell them how to be?  Most of the time, we just assume that they know what we are talking about.  When we talk to our employees about being professional, we want them to remember these three key points:

  • Look professional
  • Act professional
  • Be professional

What are the characteristics of a professional instructor?

  1. LOOK the part
    Wear the proper clothing. Look neat and well groomed.
  2. ACT the Part
    Know your stuff. Be confident, be prepared, be in control of the class, be organized, set goals, follow through when you make statements about what you are going to do, treat the children and parents with respect and care about doing a good job.
  3. BE the Part
    Think, work and act like a professional. Be proud of what you do!

This is written from an owner’s mind, but it is also a good review even for ourselves!  We as the owners should also be looking, acting and being the part that we are expecting from our employees.

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